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8/30/2011 c1 239dietredpop
Oh, I know this is how everyone feels about me when I'm conducting. Well, maybe, but... my rookie year, I had an amazing, glorious, brilliant- not enough words to describe- drum major, and she's still my best friend, and I love her like crazy. I know this is how you feel, but (I hope) it's not how everyone does.

Enough of my drum major talk. Great poem, sorry if I seemed biased.
8/18/2008 c1 33SashaJade
I like this poem a lot, I'm a drum major so originally thats what attracted me to this poem, I'm guessing your a colorguard/flag person? In any case, its a good poem, if a bit scathing towards Drum Majors (I take no offense). Its less flowery language and more real, anyone can create good imagry, but not everyone can infuse it with the emotion they were trying to create, this is a good example of both.
8/17/2008 c1 beth
Am I missing something?
8/17/2008 c1 5water lorelei
oy, so true. So easy to relate to, as well. Your point is clear, your emotions are perfectly described. Good job!

Keep Writing,

8/17/2008 c1 9Yackle
And the sad thing is, I get it. Succint, just the right amount of words to get your point across.

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