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for Life Sucks, So Deal

10/6/2009 c5 XxStaRLeSs-SkYxXxxx
you keep changing thane's name to zane. lol. other than that it's excellent
4/25/2009 c8 1xXEzaelePlusMorpheusXx
Please update this is AMAZING!=D Please...? UPDATE WHAT R U WAITING FOR? =P lol jk tyt of course
2/27/2009 c8 Raji Zuko
this was a nice short story. I enjoyed the change in view points, it let me know what each other main characters were thinking. I really want to know what really happened between Andrew and Gabriel... =^_^=
10/22/2008 c8 9Lerene
real good chapter. I liked the last line about there food being on fire.
9/20/2008 c7 cobraqueen17
very interesting.
9/13/2008 c7 Lerene
I leave you a review to make you smile ^_^
9/6/2008 c6 Lerene
Paper flower? That sounds interesting. Now I want to know how to make one.
9/6/2008 c5 Lerene
the part when the note fell out of Gabriel pocket you wrote, "It was from Gabriel." I think you meant Thane. Thought you would like to know that.
8/25/2008 c6 25Esquirella
Thane is very likeable. I see Gabriel can't stay mad at him.
8/24/2008 c6 19Distorted Fantasy

Paper flowers are so sweet. :3
8/24/2008 c6 1LilwenKeitha
Ive enjoyed this story so far. Please keep writting, and update soon!
8/23/2008 c5 19Distorted Fantasy
Nice. :3
8/23/2008 c5 4Certified Stalker
8/22/2008 c4 Certified Stalker
Thane is a stalker .
8/22/2008 c4 25Esquirella
OH NO! A cliffie!
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