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for The Squishy Wizard

12/23/2012 c1 4ImmanenceEnsured
Very sweet:) There's not much to say because this seems iike only a fragment of a way bigger story, but you've managed to create three well-rounded characters within a 1000-word-space. I can picture each and every one of them because you gave them interesting, outspoken personalities. I love the feeling that 'this is not over'.
10/5/2008 c1 Tawny Owl
This was random, but very funny. The characters all seemed quite distinct despite the fact it wasn't a very long piece. In fact id did feel like an out take of a bigger story. I cna just imagine the three of them bickering all the way up to the dark tower, or where ever it is they're going.

The wizard telling Hale to kindly fuck off made me chuckle. It was nice that the mage had some fight in him. From the title I thought he'd be a biit more..squishy. The fact that Hale got stuck with him becasue he was late getting started was amusing as well. I like the ide of him forgeting to set his alarm or something.

I enjoyed reading this - thanks for posting.

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