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for Death by Swing

8/16/2010 c1 20diwu6398
Very nice story, quite a few errors, but one of your reviewers already pointed most of them out, except for excessive capitalization. I couldn't remember if I'd reviewed your stuff, and instead of checking EVERY story, I decided to just review something. Pretty funny, by the way.
12/19/2008 c1 5Keilah Bayne
That's pretty damn funny. I know someone that would actually do something like that. Though he's incredibly stupid all the time.
8/19/2008 c1 emptyemptyemptyempty
Grammatical spell check. You've got your homophones all mixed up. Your = a possesive pronoun. You're = a contraction meaning "You are"

Rapped = whatever it is that mr. 50 cent does.

Wrapped = what one does with preasents, and arms around other people.

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