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5/7/2009 c10 xXvamp-obsessionXx
Did you quit this story or something? Because it's been months with no update... I really hope you didn't quit this story is really good!
4/22/2009 c10 koerle
Cute story. I like the time shifting between chapters. But I wouln't mind the chaptersbeing a little longer...

Are you still working on the story or did you abandon it?
4/17/2009 c10 XxSiennaxX
I love it, I love it, I love it! Wonderful story! The concept is great and the characters are really well built up. I can't wait to read more - please, please update soon (are you ever planning on?)! :D
2/2/2009 c10 Saki-Chan97
I love it I cried twice while reading.. ^_^
1/19/2009 c10 2i love life
wow i feel so sorry for mal..poor her...

gr8 story...

update soon pls
1/1/2009 c10 1XxRealGirlxX
Hey hey :)... Have been reading this for a while now.. but there hasn't been an update in a while... sowi that ther aint many reviews, but the novel is great.. I would've expected more reviews... but anyway :) UpDaTe SooN :D
12/4/2008 c10 Claudia
OMW I am in LOVE with this story! Leo is so sweet in 2007! Its unbelievable :).. please update soon though! Thanks :)
12/3/2008 c10 starsfinallyxplode
Aww, this chapter was cute. But I'm really curious to see what happens next in the 2008 part of the story - I want to know why Leo left her! I'm sure it's not just for the reasons he gave at the time.
12/3/2008 c10 8princessbleachhead
aw bless. jane was so cute.

bless them they had their first kiss.

i love this chapter

cant wait for the next chapter
12/2/2008 c10 6Catherine Kate
Lovely memoirs.

Funny endings.

Nothing can beat 'em.


I'm seeing some changes that 'might' have occurred to Leo.

He's more...



Well, they're just based on the 2006 data compared to the 2008.


BTW: You detest asparagus? I like them but not love them that much.

Anyway, thanks for the update!

12/2/2008 c10 Lucy-the-bookworm
That was a perfect way for to get Jane to eat asparagus. Although I like it with a little butter. I liked this chapter Leo was so sweet then.

12/1/2008 c10 Ciaobellla
i love this story!

please update it quick!
12/1/2008 c10 Alenor
so if mallory's met jane before, does jane remember her? i assume she would, i just can't remember if there's been some sort of indication ini previous chappies...can't wait for more ~ Alenor
12/1/2008 c9 Alenor
oh ok, now i'm intrigued! her dad isn't her dad, her brother's a detective who went away so he didn't have to arrest his own father, there's some strange guy who is somehow involved with it all, i'm guessing he's her real father? very interesting. cya next time ~ Alenor
11/26/2008 c9 starsfinallyxplode
I just ran across this story and I'm really liking it! The emotions are really intense.
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