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8/28/2008 c7 mystic.fox
I like your story. I've been reading it for the past three days. Yes it's taken that long since school started again and I'm taking 19 hours...boo for school! Anyway, I'm not a fan of Blaise, he gives me bad vibes. I hope Marianne and William figure out whatever they have going on. How old is she? I probably lost that fact somewhere in reading. Update soon!
8/28/2008 c7 anon
haha.. not exactly what i had in mind for steamy chapters.. but hey they are fun with secrets.. but i do hope it gets steamier between the two.. they are so fun to read! good job cant wait for the update!
8/27/2008 c7 jess
Yea I have to agree with that last statement in the chapter how can he kiss her and chase after her like that if he doesn't love her...and seriuosly by the next chapter if he doesn't love her yet then I have to stop reading cause although i love ur story so far I'm anixous for them to finally love eachother lol cause wow and I have to say his constant mockery though cute in the beginning is getting on my nervous now he's being so rude to the women he's suppose to be falling for that just sucks
8/27/2008 c7 3Queen Of Laughs


post asap!
8/27/2008 c7 g
I still say Blaise is an ass. He needs a good spanking.
8/27/2008 c7 1HisFiestyBeauty
Ah This story is AMAZING! It has to be my favorite! I cant wait for more! Rizzo You are AWESOME!
8/27/2008 c7 8CrazyCowgirl101
You must write faster! Must! Its great so far!
8/27/2008 c6 anon
I loved it even though it was steamier because of all the secrets. Very good! cant wait for the new chap!
8/27/2008 c6 1Initially loaded
I like this...but what time period is it meant to be set? At first i thought it was nineeth century, then i realised that was all wrong.
8/27/2008 c6 Lady Thief Fan
bertha, wonder who she is? Liking the twists and turns in this chapter
8/27/2008 c6 15x-kit-x
Yup, it definitely peaked my interests! It's nice to find out a bit more about her father, and why she ended up in this situation.
8/26/2008 c6 13FM Radio
Update this! I really like it, so please update soon!
8/26/2008 c6 g
I have nothing to say about that chapter except I'm with William, let Marianne's father rot.
8/26/2008 c6 8CrazyCowgirl101
ah! please update soon!
8/26/2008 c5 Hopeless Romantic90
i really hope you finish this story. i love it! there are very few historcal romances that i like, and this one happens to be one of them!
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