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8/26/2008 c5 mado
waa ! I love this story thank you ! and your way of writing is great and a chapter everyday its so wonderful i'am happy happy and happy!
8/26/2008 c5 atreyu love

and william is so amazing.

i love this "looking" scene. haha.

cant wait for more :D

8/26/2008 c1 atreyu love
haha. you have a son?

... Lord William gray?

Love it
8/26/2008 c1 5Fayre Meira
i love the plot! please continue with this..
8/26/2008 c5 anon
YAH! thanks for the update! loved the chapter.. hope it gets steamier.. !
8/26/2008 c5 15x-kit-x
It'll be interesting to see where this next chapter goes! Can't wait :p
8/25/2008 c5 Lady Thief Fan
Dun Dun Dun Dun...

And don't worry, I'm just an observient person. Only thing is, you did mention the likeness between Blaise and the stablehand quite alot. So if you were editing, perhaps cut a few sentences there
8/25/2008 c5 8CrazyCowgirl101
You HAVE to update as soon as possible! This story is so good and very realistic. You, unlike some authors that i have encountered, set your story in a time period and decorate it with the proper . . . speech, ediquette, and attire.

LOL, sorry if this is too "professional" i get this way when i leave reviews. GREAT job and update soon please.

8/25/2008 c5 grumpirah
Marianne is funny, she always gives me a chuckle. The only person I'm not feeling so far is Blaise. He's and ass.
8/25/2008 c5 1HisFiestyBeauty
WOW Amazing story! I cant wait for more!
8/25/2008 c4 1StarEyed14
yay i like this story
8/25/2008 c4 anon
OMG such a good story! i just started to read it and i finished the chapter you put up.. so i cant wait for an update! and i hope do update daily like you said cause that would be awesome!
8/25/2008 c4 2JMDering
Ohh, I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter.
8/24/2008 c4 lady thief fan
yay. I'm on the right track. Can't wait for me. This is my little pick me up for the day
8/24/2008 c4 whitney92
Another great update. Blaise is a jerk, but I'm guessing there is a reason for his jerkiness.
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