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7/18/2017 c1 1Montara
I guess, in that time, honor was something and if he said he won't seek retribution on her men, than he really will keep his word, even in this matter.

I kind of feel sorry for her, even though she just forced a man to marry her, changing his life.
7/21/2016 c16 Zlen
Haha awww!
6/23/2016 c16 Guest
lol love this cheesy ending! The author did an amazing job with the story!
5/21/2016 c16 Nannahannah
I think the author did a great job of pulling everything together in this last chapter. I don't think it was necessary to add the scene where William assures Blaise that he is still the heir. It really wasn't an issue in the book so there was no need for it in the end.
All in all this was an excellent book. It kept me interested right from the beginning and I was unable to stop reading it until I was finished. I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends.
Keep up the good work Mandy you have become my new must read author.
10/26/2014 c16 augmentedDREAMS
The ending made me go: "Awwww... :')"

I really enjoyed reading this story. It is clear you put thought into it. There were no plotholes and hardly any grammatical errors.

I loved the plot. The first to chapters had me laughing so hard and the end of every chapter had me eager to read the next. Personally, I did not like Anne. :v she can't keep a secret and I hate that in a person. She didn't have Marianne's good in her mind when she tattled to William. Trying to be clever and pretending that she didn't do anything wrong. That just didn't sit well with me. But apart from this I enjoyed reading about all the characters. Even Blaise. Olma and Jason are just lovely together. There should be a one-shot about them. Haha. .

Again. I just loved your plotline. From the very beginning. It is always that the men abduct the women and the plots are always similar and bland. This was a welcome change and I loved Marianne and William as characters. Their flaws, reactions and everything about them was so believable.

It was as if I was reading a novel by a professional published author. In my opinion you couldn't have done any better. :)
9/14/2014 c16 I keep trying to delete this
Aww 3
6/26/2014 c1 Kebee
5/20/2014 c16 lascochick
this is a lovely story
12/23/2013 c16 PenguinLover33
Great story
2/18/2013 c16 Prodigee123
aw...nice ending :)
2/17/2013 c6 Prodigee123
really good
2/17/2013 c16 Mihoro
Such a great story, I really loved it, thank you. :D
1/4/2013 c16 foreternity
omigod. that was amazing! :D you totally captivated me through the words and i absolutely love Marianne's attitude and silliness sometimes :) amazing story! (:
12/30/2012 c16 16MadamWriterGal
Perfect ending to a perfect story. To begin with I really hated Blaise but by the end of the story I really came to love his character. It's a funny thing too since half way through the story I seriously wanted him to be dead at some point. Ha. I'm kind of sad about the Alice thing. In my mind, Alice never loved William although he claimed to love her. But really thinking about it, I don't think that William really loved her either. I see their love as a young lust, not eternal love. But William still thinks of it that way and it kind of bothers me. Oh well. What can you do. Men. Rolls eyes. Anyway, besides the Alice affair I did really enjoy this story. Keep up the good work.
12/30/2012 c10 MadamWriterGal
I rarely review a story before I have finished it, but I just have to say that Blaise is possibly the most annoying person ever to live on planet earth. I mean this in a positive way of course, because he is suppose to be that way. It is the way his character was written. But OMG he really makes me mad. How did William manage to be the father of such..a disagreeable kid? If I were Marianne I would throw that kid out to be eaten by the wolves. I hope this eventually happens. Aren't I nice? Anyways, I love all of the other characters. But Blaise...I want him to die a slow horrible death. Really I do. I really love this story! Can't wait to finish it.
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