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8/29/2012 c16 Guest
read the whole thing through in one day 3
5/15/2012 c16 serendipitous2
Hi there! I gotta say, this story was interesting from the start :) i'm thinking of reading lady deception next :D hehe :) congratulations on the great story _ and the language was really good, it totally fit the medieval theme xD
4/14/2012 c16 mia aurora
"Because you have stolen my heart." awww...so sweet ! thank you for this amazing story :)
1/17/2012 c16 Ninavs
aaaaawwwwww that was sweet! The action part was a little rushed but I liked it...This story was really good! Thanks for sharing!
1/17/2012 c8 Ninavs
Still loving it! It's an interesting story and character development is so well done...I'm completely hooked!
1/16/2012 c6 Ninavs
It's been amazing so far but it's 3 am and I must resist and go to bed!lol Well done!
12/26/2011 c1 badboysarebest
Haha very entertaining! :)
12/23/2011 c12 Vanquish13
12/23/2011 c10 Vanquish13
12/23/2011 c7 Vanquish13
12/23/2011 c5 Vanquish13
Loving this.
9/9/2011 c16 2MuffinsRoxSox
I prettymuch spent all of yesterday and the day before reading this. It was just awesome. Loved it. I would say more but I have to get ready for school. Great job with the story.
8/7/2011 c16 strawberiies
Cheesiest ending ever. But in a cute way. =) I love this story's orginal plot- a women, in the 19th CE, kidnapping a man and forcing him to marry her. It's so unique! And the title ties in with the story so well, in the beginning and later chapters.

Your characters are at least 2 dimensional, which I love, and Marianne is such a rare treat to find in this time period. I'm glad she and William fell in love.

Although I am sad James died, it seemed necessary for the plot... Lastly, you had few grammer and spelling mistakes, and had I been with this story from the beginning I would mention them- but tis too long a story now. xD

Well done and best wishes for future stories! xx
7/19/2011 c16 Pumpkin.-.-.Kween
I think it was a very good story, however it is not very original and it was very very predictable. In fact I felt a little like I was re-reading a story rather then reading it for the first time. It's very reminiscent of Johanna Lindsey novels which are good and to be compared to her is a compliment but I'm sure you'd rather be noticed for your own style. I felt like it was a mix of a particular Johanna Lindsey book that she published in the early 90's (which I wont name) and that movie "Ever after" starring Drew Barrymore. Admittedly, it is hard to read a historic romance without thinking of Johanna Lindsey and considering the decades she's been writting them, it's is hard to think up a story that doesn't remind someone of one of her stories but all the same, I've read other historical romances that didn't remind me of one of her novels. It also seemed a little like your knowledge of the language in that time period was limited because you seemed to use the grammer or phrases over and over. A little background studying goes a long way.
7/17/2011 c16 cliched details
Like your story a lot!

It's mood is not too deep nor too light..

I like the male lead character, William, because he is not the

typical male lead character.. He is not too perfect, has some flaws, which make him human..

i like Marianne's background story.. the brothers, death, drama..

the story was predictable in some parts, but overall it was wonderful..!

Thank you for the good read! :D
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