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9/10/2008 c16 Blue-Eyed Chica
OMG ADORABLE LOVE IT! ya ive realized (atleast to me) that the romance stories are either REALLY good or like horrible and i cant stand reading them, and there tend to be more worse than good lol
9/9/2008 c16 1Katherine-the-greate
amazing story. do you plan on posting a sequal? i loved your characters and how everything turned out. it would be cool if you made a second book and maybe have something tie in with how her brother's dark deaths or past or something come and disrupt their lives...lol. or maybe blaze get involved in some romance!

well, i hope you post more stories soon! thanks for posting this story~
9/9/2008 c15 Katherine-the-greate
oh my gosh. that is the cutest ending to a chapter! the hero and the love and the coming together and the evil done away with and all back and right AND a baby! how amazing!
9/8/2008 c16 Angel
Oh my god this story is amazing! I just couldn't stop reading and now I'm gonna have to miss a lecture tomorrow because else I'll be too tired, but it was so worth it. Your story's very original and I loved all the characters. The ending was perfect, I do like happy endings, and it wasn't to sappy. I'll look forward to reading your other stories. Hope you'll get this published I'd definitely buy the book!
9/8/2008 c10 Katherine-the-greate
another fun read. your story is quite captivation. great work
9/7/2008 c5 Katherine-the-greate
ooh. it heats up. great work!
9/7/2008 c2 Katherine-the-greate
great work. it was a fun chapter to read.
9/7/2008 c1 vl
I think you should write a story for Blaise, Bryce, Nicholas and Hugh; as well as a story for James and Olma. Seems only fitting. At least James and Olma and Blaise.
9/7/2008 c16 58slowlydancingtothestars
I love it! what a wonderful story! it was a great read!
9/5/2008 c16 3Queen Of Laughs
very cute story!

loved the ending! and i was wondering if you will write a story about blaise?

anyway loved the story and im now reading your mermaid one! im only on the first couple of chapter but it looks cute!

9/5/2008 c16 1Initially loaded
i loved the story...it was so sweet and...
9/4/2008 c16 2akaCHEEKS
haha. wow, that was incredibly corny to use a cliche line at the end. but still good i guess.
9/4/2008 c16 ForeverImaginative
=( Sniff. It's over? Oh well, it was a truly fantastic story that I think I shall read a few times over, and over again.

I also think you should write another story. Soon. Very soon. =)
9/4/2008 c16 1HisFiestyBeauty
An AMAZING ending to an AMAZING story!
9/4/2008 c13 13FM Radio
I'm so sorry I didn't read this sooner! School just started again, which sucks...nine months of hell.
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