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for Amalia

4/22/2001 c1 1Raggona
I really like the change in moods there! Beautiful! *claps hands* Just lovely! Thanks for putting me on your fav. story list (I'm still getting over the happy shock).
4/17/2001 c1 Moondragon
I loved this poem, espesially the ending 'Heart cold as ice'. Really beautiful... Most of my poems are written at 1-2 in the morning too :)
4/16/2001 c1 Marisa
Sometimes the very best ideas come at 1 in the morning. I should kno, I'm always up around then.

Hauntingly beautiful tho... The last line just kinda stinging there...

Well I'm no expert or anything, in fact I don't even care much for poetry, but as your editor, I thought I'd check it out... and procrastinate my studying for science. :p
4/16/2001 c1 32Lindy
I like how the verses pile upon each other, and I really liked the description. :) good poem!
4/16/2001 c1 15Opal Soul
Really poetic, and everything builds up. It's beautiful.
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