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for Never Look in the Eye

10/27/2008 c1 1ShinnigamiYue
eh its sweetness but the stories are mixed up ehehe ^^;; dont kill me! i was trying to read Never look in the Eye but the NaruKyuu one is here instead
9/30/2008 c1 1SiD EliA
It seems much more natural in first person. I think you have a good concept, and I can tell the main charater is crazy. (cause I gots an eye for the craziness)

So I DEMAND ( in a totally undemanding way) That you put up some more, or, um ... then zombies will eat your toes while you slumber.

Oh, yes behold the power of my undeniable logic. It's sexy. Take it.

And O, your name stuck out on my list of peoples who favorited moi, so that is why I'm randomly writing this weird ass review at 2:42 in the morning. Shit, I gots classes tomorrow. ( which idiot decided it was a good idea for me to go to college?)

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