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for Cirque de la Lune

8/25/2008 c1 9Mayo on toast
This is brilliant. The only error I could see, grammatical or spelling, was the could in "Let it destroy her body so her soul oculd fly free."

I am loving the confusion shown, and am impatient to find out if she is dead and in hell (as implied at the beginning) and this is her personal hell (a lack of love, eternity as a whore), or if it is just the thought line of a girl who has lived without love, or if it is the drugs talking, or if it is anything else of a number of possibilities.

Your writing gives the impression that you have experienced this before, it is so believable and thorough. It shows that you put a lot of thought into this, and that you have great skill and prowess.

You ignite the reader with a strong curiosity, and I found that I want to learn more about Isalette. I want to know about what happens to her in the future, but also what has happened to her in the past. What could have happened to create such a wild mind? What will happen to fix or overcome it? I am drowning in my curiosity.

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