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for The Queen of Two Headed Boys

8/25/2008 c1 6mariska
great beginning! i'll definitely be looking forward to the next chapters. :)
8/25/2008 c1 24ilovetheopera
film + burberry prorsum = hell yeah

digital's missing out on some great back-to-basics shiz.

and i think you deserve a medal cause you're pretty much the only kid who can spell and write gramatically correct sentences on the just in page atm. i think your main character is a bit fuzzy at the moment - i got a bit confused when you mentioned that she was into fashion halfway, she doesn't seem like the type - so maybe give it some time, work it out? yeah.

i actually do like this though. nice. it's been a long time since i've actually liked anything on , so. good job, please continue. it's got humour, mean girls, cute guys, swearing - what else do you need?

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