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for The Story of Umm

7/30/2009 c1 dinodaw
"Uh! You said umm!" Thats great. So are the horse legs floating or what?


"Reading is good for you"
10/19/2008 c1 2Double AA
Hey, sorry I haven't reviewed earlier. But anyway here it is now.

This is a fun story, especially because I was there when you started it. One question: What is with the unicorn? I want to hear(or read) the back story to this(if there is one).

Double AA
8/26/2008 c1 6Yoirru Maeri
Oh my! What a lovely story! I'd like to hear more, and I'll keep a look-out! The only thing I can find wrong with it is...is...Uh...Nothing! I'll find something to improve upon later, I'm sure. Jenny Craig seems to have a bit of a bossy side, and Umm is cool. I hope the have many more adventures! {With someone documenting them, as well.}

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