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for Once Upon a Time' and Kill Me Ever After's

7/29/2009 c2 20Lonzo
A group of random people? Really good story!
3/10/2009 c2 Sherlockian94
i'll review. nice story.
11/30/2008 c2 6queenhalloween
OMFG you're a brilliant storyteller. like you're an old man with a long beard that falls to the floor and is sitting around a fire telling some kids a dramatic story. Sorry, that's how I envision it. But still, awesome story you've got here. love the organised randomness, how you put it together, you know? the best characters too. I'm already loving Johnny.
10/23/2008 c2 emma k
A ltitle confusing in the separating of the first few paragraphs, but I'm very intrigued to learn more about all of their backstories.

Please update!
10/23/2008 c1 emma k
I lve the different ways they all talk!

"Our different brands of crazy are what make us unique."

Johnny's sure a character is n't he?
9/2/2008 c1 1A.Z.Anthony

Not like I am anyone to take advice from or anything...but

I like your story so far, the description attracted my attention.

Your characters seem very unique. Between them I can imagine all kinds of crazy adventures. Two girls, two guys, all of them vastly different, the sky is the limit. I would like to read more! You should lengthen the story. I'd point out some negative points, btu I think this is a bit to short to work with. .

Hopefully that can help you some?

Good job, keep it up!


BTW, don't worry bout commenting on my story yet, I am revising it. The revised version is a lot better!
9/1/2008 c1 1onceforged-foreverlost
i like :).

"who knew why the girls next door had sand?" lol brilliant. I think you're doing well with that, it's very funny. Please write more! It's so entertaining.


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