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5/12/2009 c1 lessxordinary
This is a fun, lovely piece of writing. At some places, you really captured a turn of the century feel. The scene in Jack's bedroom, with the opium pipe, was extremely well-written and surreal. At places, though, you do tend to slip out of old fashioned vocabulary, such as where Sam is first confessing his love, it seems out of place. Also, you could try and improve your voice a little to make it an even stronger story.

Still, it's a gorgeous piece, and well-written. Ah, a steam-punk slash vampire story? What could be more perfect.
2/2/2009 c1 8The-Camster
I realized that I read this story awhile ago when I stumbled upon it again, and got about halfway through before completely noticing that fact. I liked it the second time as much as, if not more than, the first time. Really great story!

Keep On Writing!

~The Flying Camster
12/28/2008 c1 3Vera Dicere
i honestly don't know where to begin with this review. i guess i'll start by saying that i absolutely -love- this story. the characters are personable and real, even jack- which i really love, since so often vampires are cast as some untouchable being of ethereal beauty and grace and whatnot. i mean, jack has some degree of those qualities, but i somehow still feel like he is a very real person. and sam- i really enjoyed sam. that he didn't realize he was falling in love until he was already there. and my heart honestly broke with his when he thought jack was discarding him for the redhead. any story that makes me tear up in sympathy is automatically a favorite. and on top of all that, there's something about the syle of this piece that i adore. i really like this turn of the century setting, and somehow you manage to convey so much of it without seeming over the top.

so, basically- i love you. and your story. and i would totally love to see more of these two. even if only in vignettes and drabbles. but, obviously that's up to you. :)
12/10/2008 c1 8insomkneeack
Oh, that was interesting! May I add that it sounded quite sophisticated. Nice job!

10/17/2008 c1 33redexted
I personally think steampunk is a -very- difficult genre to pull off, but you managed to do just that in this story. Shows that romance and electricity do go well together. ^^

(Although, the part where Jack was revealed to be a vampire wasn't too surprising... too much foreshadowing, maybe?)
9/9/2008 c1 13VelvetyCheerio
Fantastic. Amazingly fantastic. That's all I can think to say of this. I love how it ended. Good job. VelvetyCheerio.
9/8/2008 c1 1Joseph-Dreamer
I really loved this. It was awsome! Great writing, plot, characters... everything! I read it through twice, cause I loved it so much. I hope you write more like this.

Jo x
9/6/2008 c1 8Annabel Wynters
I love this story, it's sad that it was only a one shot.

You should write other one shots that could go with this! Like bits and pieces of a missing diary or diaries... That'd be Awesome!
9/6/2008 c1 3Daydream Nation
I love your characters. I love how Sam actual has some value (electrician, capable of intelligence, etc.) instead of being just some bitch to drink from.

That ending was kind of cute, too.
9/5/2008 c1 lelaylei
Another well written story. It was short, but things were told in such a way that it worked out. I like how it was tied from past to present, used people that are recognizable, and how it ended (ah Cali and Starbucks).

I have a running tally of stories that you've written that I have read and the relationships are even (except for one, which is iffy to categorize).

On another note, I demand what you have of Proj O. It has been too long. Anytime in the future, as long as I will be able to see it, is just fine.
9/4/2008 c1 1Dare Ambrose
That story was so beautiffly written! I give you a 12 out of a score of 10! I searisly started crying at the end it was so sweet! I highly hope you continue with your writing!
9/4/2008 c1 Brutus703
Interesting and well written. A very enjoyable read. Good work.
9/4/2008 c1 3pipo
I'm reading this story bit by bit (because it's fantastically long :D) and am loving it already!

You're a great writer and an inspiration! And I don't say that very often.
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