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2/18/2010 c23 Emitti
t'ch It's [Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"] =) :D Great LD Hate The Fact About The Year,But OH WELL :D THEY have to PARTY NOW :D *dances off*
2/18/2010 c23 20Autumn-MayWho
YAY! I always love happy endings after all the drama. That song was GOOD! I spent a good hour searching google for a song that apparently doesn't exist outside FP. Haha, but that's okay, it's even cooler that you wrote it! Can't wait for the sequel!
2/16/2010 c22 2Twilights-Pain'D-X-L
Whoa. Certainly not what I expected, no exploding stars as two lovers fought it out. It was even better! Wow. Excellent story, excellent end!
2/16/2010 c22 Emitti
8) Are You Kiddin' 8O *claps happily* How Could I possibly Not Be Happy With This Ending :O I Love it =) Remember That...And The Romance Yay *dances Around Happily* Like Evry Classical Ending Of 21th Century 8D It Ended With The Mic And The Kiss AND OH GOD THE DREADS GUY *Screams Crazily 8D* YAy Altough I Think The End Turned Out Perfectly 8) [http : /w. youtube. com/ watch?v = hgGkJez6pcM] :P Take Out The Spaces Blah,Blah,Blah :D AND AGAIN AMAZING End I mean :D Well The story Too :D
2/16/2010 c22 8Lulli101
Omg, I loved this story so much! :D Loved the ending, oh my godd :) :)
2/16/2010 c22 2Ashlee Jean
Yay finally, that bipolarness is gone for now haha...can't wait for the epilogue and sequel though, i'd take more of Tyler any day lol. You're so right, I definitely fell in love with Tyler too haha. Him and Naura are so cute together...oh and for the other question, i personally like first person stories too, it just makes you feel like your a part of the story more.
2/16/2010 c20 20Autumn-MayWho
Haha I almost forgot, what is the song in the last chapter? I really like it! Oh and BTW I had to use this chapter to ask cause they wouldn't let me do it again for the last chapter. haha
2/16/2010 c22 Autumn-MayWho
AH! Yes yes yes! I love the ending. Although I would love to know who their parents react to this, that might be interesting... haha I hope you do a sequal!
2/12/2010 c21 1SiobhanO
2/11/2010 c21 20Autumn-MayWho
Okay first off I have to say I am in love with this story. Secondly, you just completely ruined my productive day when I came across this and read the entire thing in one sitting! Haha, can't wait for the next update!
2/11/2010 c21 2Ashlee Jean
Tyler and his mood changes haha...so lucky everyone loves him and everything. But these never ending changes between him and Naura are enough to give someone whiplash lol.. Update Soon
2/11/2010 c21 Emitti
xexexxe 8) Liked It *nods* Poor Naura 8/ Well Update soon 8P
2/10/2010 c21 2Twilights-Pain'D-X-L
Argh! I want to scream and stomp my feet at how annoying teenage relationships are, but it's so true. Jeez, I have a feeling the next chapter may be an explosion of emotion. Better grab tissues and popcorn! Can't wait for more!
1/29/2010 c20 Emitti
Hah ;) A Noo You Didn't Burst My bubble I Pretty Much guessed That :P Still I'm Glad You Finally Updated :D I'm alittle Sad That Maybe Naura Will End Up With Zach...Even Tough He Is Cute *snicker* I Hope You Update Soon =)
1/6/2010 c19 3Aly-Ella
I stumbled across this story at 5am this morning (you know, as you do) and i couldn't stop reading! Seriously! I love it! The whole idea of step-siblings falling in love is something i can relate to (seeing as it occurred with my best friend), unfortunately not all step-siblings actually work out in the end...do Tyler and Naura work out? Does she dump John? oh i'm dying to know! So many questions to ask! =D

however, and please don't hate me for this, i really dislike how long it's taking for Tyler and Naura to finally get together properly! 19 chapters and no hint of it yet! =O I know you might be trying to make the book longer so i guess i'm just impatient =P

i'm also curious about their parents reaction ;]

keep writing babe, your fabulous at it! =D

Aly xoxo
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