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11/19/2008 c1 9Sally Can Wait
Holy poop why are you so good at poetry. XD

I luff it. I really need to go read the rest. So I am going to do that now, because I am sick and can't go to school. :)


You would be some sort of stale parchment

smothered in a dark, crisp ink

That was my favorite part, btw. :O
9/22/2008 c1 33SashaJade
wow, this is really good. I'm very impressed. Hey, when you get a second could you maybe give me your imput on a situation I'm dealing with right now? I need outside advice about something...
9/7/2008 c1 1loveAnonymous
I really like the metaphors you used in this. I mean, you could have gone for something totally cliche, but you were able to take this situation and subject and use an umbrella, sandcastle and a letter. I really like it. Awesome stuff.
9/6/2008 c1 savor those enticing dreams
Wow. I absolutely adore this poem.

I'm like...speechless.

I love the style. I adore using elongated analogies. This was a perfect example. I immensely enjoyed reading it. I could feel the emotion seeping through your writing.

It's definitely a favorite of mine.



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