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for No big deal So what if I Love You?

6/1/2014 c15 4gnez
I wonder what will happen next. Update soon please.
8/26/2009 c15 4LaMeO1
this story is...AWESOME!

though i felt like crying when it was revealed that she has cancer

she's just a little girl!

and oh no...the bet..lara is going to flip

update soon please!
7/29/2009 c15 14theunknownchick
Hey=) Sorry i haven't like reviewed for a while. OMGG i luhv Tony when he's drunk and Im also looking forward for the next chapter. Hope you update soon
6/7/2009 c15 1XxCaptainKoalaxX
Awesome story...Hope U can update soon! =) =] =) =] =)
5/8/2009 c15 C.Wild
YAY! Another chapter! Wo ((I've had slightly too much coffee, lol)).

Normally when someone waits that long to update I have to go back and read practically the whole story again, but not this time. I remembered what had happened! So well done, it takes something special for me to remember it. Like I forgot what year it was earlier and ended up writing 31/06/07 as the date for my ballet show... I mean how could I forget it was 2009?

Anywhoo, I've rambled for long enough. Can't wait for the next chapter.

4/27/2009 c15 1happy ever afterxx
Great update! Drunk Tony lol! More soon?
4/26/2009 c15 10Electric Rose
Yes! I'm very happy she went after him :D

Now i just need them to finally get together, and i'll be ecstatic, lol.

Aww, poor tony though :( No wonder he ran away. He loves emily.

Ah. Even in tragedy, Lara is still awesomely sarcastic and funny.
4/25/2009 c15 livindiswrld
I absolutely love these characters! You do such a great job bringing them to life with your writing. So glad to see an update and it was great getting the sneak preview! O, the bet coming out, can't wait to read what happens next!
4/25/2009 c15 1Kimberlli

OK enough of that!(: I lurve Lara, why? 'cause she's funny! =) though it's not THTA funny to choke while you're eating because of laughing and coughing at the same time BUT she was still funny! =D

So, I'll be going back to lunch, AND I'll see/read/write to you next time! Bye! ;)
4/25/2009 c15 1SimplyDevine
Lmao I love Lara she is just funny as hell! And a drunk Tony, god that cracked me up!

It was worth the wait, and I cant wait for the rest!

O she has found out about the bet, well sort of, cant wait to see how that goes!

I'm really relly looking forward to the rest, so update soon plz! =D
4/24/2009 c15 windybidindy
aww how come you took so long to update? :(

well i hope you update soon for the next chapter
4/24/2009 c15 alexia-pink0303

I loved the update =D

It was sweet that Lara went looking for Tony, and that she didn't just leave him at the bar.

Is Lara going to find out about the bet that Tony and Greg made?

It would be so cute if Lara and Tony became a couple, because it looks like they have one of those 'love/hate' relationships, maybe they do actually care about eachother, and that the fake relationship will make them realise that?

I'm addicted to the story now, haha.

4/11/2009 c14 10Electric Rose
AW :(

this chapter made me sad.

NOT EMILY! she's so happy and sweet and cute! :(

i hope she's ok.

and also, i want lara to go after tony, and then they can have some deep and meaningful chat and finally get together :P
4/11/2009 c13 Electric Rose
ah, this story makes me laugh so very very much.

"If I was an idiot, where would I ?" BEST.LINE.EVER. lmao.

and also. CANCER? WTF?

well, because i havent been on here in like forever, this is going to be a short and sweet review as i read the next chapter :)

oh, and PS. i'm totally getting ryan. i dont care who i have to fight off. he's MINE. haha :P
2/8/2009 c14 11buzzgirl37
Woah...you made me cry! Aww I know I guessed that that was what was coming and everything but still...that was horribly upsetting and shocking.

And I really can't wait for the next chapter to see Tony's POV (cus I love him and he needs comforting *cough* Lara *cough*) and to see Emily and how she reacts and how much she knows...

We had some comic relief in here though so that was nice, I loved the Lara and Tony fights as always, their immaturely is great. And he so wanted to kiss her ! :) Just you wait Tony...

And the Lara and Greg heart to heart was good to have, cus it's nice to be reminded of how close they are.

So next chapter...I definitely need some love/kissing between Lara and Tony. Comforting taken too far? I don't even mind if they regret it and don't discuss it after or if they both say that it's cus they're both so emotional, it's needed! It would make the story lovelier (*nods lots*) especially after the upset of Emily :( But yeh I'm gonna stop bugging you with things that I want and let you write what you wanna write...

The sneak peak wasn't actually *that* confusing, I did kinda understand it but I guess that's cus I'd already decided that you were very, very, very, mean and that you were gonna hurt Emily.

Oh god...I just had a brainwave, please! please! don't let Tony seek out "comforting" from Ashley! I'll break down into tears if you do...

So...review reply...reply

I don't think any ones "huh" face is too endearing, we will forever be searching for a cute huh face :)

1) Umm..yes the soundproof walls should be important! very important! although only on the Lara and Tony front, not on any horrid Tony and Ashley front!

2) Hm Pancakes, don't mention them again! Cus any pancakes I make will never live up to your descriptions so it's just unsatisfying if I actually go and make them :)

3)Hmm yes weird...any way this naked part I'm all for it, definitely one hundred percently for it. For example he could be stood there naked for whatever reason and then Lara could walk in on him or something, I see a classic deer in headlights moment for both of them. neither moving just starng in shock and fear and then realising what they're doing and gets embarassed and shouty at one another...so yeh I now have that scene in my head...

4)Yay I'm not the only person who has no idea about text speak! It's like those book publishers who've written Shakespeare and stuff in txt speak...who the hell is going to understand it? seriously?

5)Ahh suspicious questions just get me doing "suspicious" eyes which like every other face I make, make me look stupid. I'm glad you like the ideas/ramblings, I do it alot on peoples stories and I'm waiting for someone to tell me to butt out...I live through other peoples stories because I like their ideas more than mine :D Plus the ideas are soo much easier than actually writing it. And anyway, what you trying to say Tony and Lara are soo together, they just don't realise it yet! Ashley though...Ashley's single...she may be horrid and evil and nasty to poor little Emily (cue crying) but pushing her off to someone will keep her away from Tony (so he can get it on with Lara...although as I just checked this is a T so maybe not). Ooh Ooh and Emily could meet a little boy friend at the hospital, cute lil romance..

6) He you still shocked me, I don't know why but I had a hope, a small hope, that I was completely wrong and that you weren't that evil but you are :)

7) That's way better than lessons, keep your fans happy :D Although you probably made most of them cry with this chapter...so maybe happy isn't the right word...

8)Wow cool...now it's gonna bug me trying to remember what I've said and what it might be... :)

9)I think they should...but you know the whole T issue will make it more innocent and friendly...

10)Thank god that you like them cus this one is reasonably long as well...

Can't wait for the next chapter! Tony! And hopefully less crying...although maybe Tony being upset will make us upset too...

Loved this chapter as always, well not so much what happened because it was just evil more like how great it was written :D
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