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for Sacrificium Laudis

1/7/2009 c1 24Aipomking7
I would jsut have to say myself that, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever read in such a long time. I thought it was out of this world. Beyond outstanding. I mean I am not really religious and stuff. I am catholic but I dont choose to follow my religion. My teacher said I was ignostic cause I sometimes doubt God's existence, but I'm just immature and obviously don't understand anything. haha. But anyways that was just beautiful and I am speechless. The words you used were just so powerfull and really opened up my eyes. Great Job and well done. And just a small favor I know it might be a lot but if you may please read all or atleast most of my poems and comment them? Cause the comment you sent before really made me happy and I dont get all excited especially over something small like that and I am thanking you again for that nice comment. I didnt know my poetry was impressive. Well any way I am babling so I just want to say that that poem well words cant even describe how amazing it was. Keep writing. :)
11/8/2008 c1 57JC-Saved-Me
Very well written. I can sense the passion of God, and for God, all the way through.

My favourite lines: -

Pierced I am with your love,

As nails and lance your gifts unto me.

Accept, then, O most Gracious Lord,

My humble service I offer you,


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