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for Tania, Girl Detective

1/8/2013 c5 Mayuka
Two words: Detective Conan. This is the episode when Ran's mother was introduced correct?
12/13/2009 c25 Anonymous
hi Sparkalie it was a rather good story keep writing but remember to watch out for the little colored lines under wrong grammar and wrong spelling next time the plot is good I realized you stuck to smaller words for those with feeble minds and they to will be able to read to like those pictures lining the text for those who could not read.I noticed from your frequent errors that you probably typed it in a hurry next time take your time, relax let the story absorb you as if you were reading it yourself. And let your fiction world become reality.


if you really want to find out who I am solve the puzzle below


-good luck!-

P.S write more please I've run out of novels! this is something good to read but now I have extinguished all your stories Fanfiction as well as Fictionpress. I will probably get bored again and will force me to search for other authors but I just don't know were to start maybe I'll look at Raven Loneheart's page on Fanfiction anyway thank you for entertaining me with your stories for the past 2 days keep writing future writer and while you let your talent shine I will now see what Raven Loneheart has to offer.
9/18/2009 c25 9Narq
Aw.. this is SOO SAD!

I can't believe you made this happen to them!

I wanna cry!

Great story

9/18/2009 c25 Lovetrain
Aww... the ending...

How can she not love again? I know I can't live without love :P

Anyway loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
9/16/2009 c24 2Osiran Duelist
Aw...*breaks down in tears*

Meanie, I wanna know what happens next!
9/12/2009 c24 9Narq
Aw... this is real sad.. but you didn't really have to say who it was becaus you were doing third POV and the reader could see who you're talking about. Also, you sid and Edric 'rode' into the forest, rode on what? A horse? (but aren't they in modern time?)


Great work!

9/12/2009 c24 Lovetrain
Hey, this is awesome!

Started reading on the first chapter yesterday, and I can't stop!

I teared a bit at this chapter :P

Edric and Anita = awesomeness

Update please!~
9/12/2009 c24 thispresentdarkness
I'm sorry. i didn't cry with this. i cry at really stupid things. but one romance story thast made me cry HARD was "Nicole's Stupid Diary." have you read that? it's really good.
8/4/2009 c23 Narq
Wow... short chapters make me want 2 read more!


Nah.. don't change your penname~~

8/1/2009 c23 2Osiran Duelist
That's...it? Update soon please, or i'll kill you at school
7/25/2009 c22 2hehehaha94
oh how sweet of edric.. i hope they end up togethter. hehe great chapter... i loved it when the mom died made seem so dramatic... hehe i'm evil
7/25/2009 c22 9Narq
Hi, err.. haven't I already reviewed this chapter? I think you've done somethign wrong here because chapter 21 is the same as 22!
7/24/2009 c22 2Osiran Duelist
Yo, Rei here once again to praise the awesomeness of this story! And there I say it, 'tis awesome! Please continue! ^-^
7/24/2009 c22 25KelaBelle
Very nice.. story and good chapter... x
7/18/2009 c21 9Narq
This is the longest chapter I've seen you write and wow it was amazing, I didn't take my eyes off it for a second, it was tense and really really wonderful! Great work!

Please update!
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