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9/11/2009 c2 7Sunshine Bear
I would dance with this story...

No reason.

Just cause.

I GAVE YOU BLOOD! My song just said that.

Quick, what is 11 times 8?
8/2/2009 c2 Poptart Guava King

a review. i like it. Delirium is fun XD

i feel bad for him and i'd love to see how things turn out
4/23/2009 c2 12eafggdsg
I really like this story. Its so unique :) Damien's so funny "In one day, I get to slam a door, run away from home, and use the sentences: ‘No one understands me’ and ‘Make me!’. What a record!" Haha! This made me laugh so much! I'm like in love with Ethereal and his awesome voice and Delirium is very cool :D I'm really enjoying the story so far so keep up the good work and update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next!
2/20/2009 c2 Roriam
This is very good! Very funny! I really like that they have no idea what work they have to do to get to be a rockstar.

I feel sorry for Damien. He is trapped. Will he have to do everything? That sounds interesting.

I really don't like those faeries though, and I hope he'll find someone - either on his side, or who will recognise the work he will presumably be doing!

I also hope he finds some kind of love - though I preffered the Kelpie over the faeries; the faeries are real jerks.

But maybe they'll warm up to Damien? I thought Ethereal was cooler that Delirium though.

Can't wait to see more, if there will be more!
2/5/2009 c2 1Satan's Angelic Mistress
Lol. Cute. ^^

Also, update.

11/25/2008 c2 1Crystal Dynasty
Grow litte magic flowers in the writers’ hearts. Grow I tell you! Now I must go read your other stories and your co-writer's stories.
11/25/2008 c2 mad-one123
I.FUCKING.LOVE THIS STORY! man your writing just sucks you in, like a swirling vortex of slashiness. im really looking forward to ur next update! damian sounds so cute, but im kind of picturing him like that rat guy off harry potter, you know the fat evil one. RONS RAT SCABBERS! thats it! except damian is a skinnier version in my mind...herm. maybe make him sound a itty bit cuter, still like a mouse. but does his face look like a mouse, or is it just his size? wow im really caught up in this mouse thing. :/ anyway i like the sound of sango? i think his name was. sounds like an interesting best friend. i wanna meet him! and the two alien dudes whos names r too hard to remember for me right now - sound like great characters. oer who will damien end up with? DUM DUM DUM -( erm i dont mean dumb, by the way...erm...ok)
11/25/2008 c1 mad-one123
ahahhahahaahh that made me laugh. i want more! MORE!
11/21/2008 c2 khavle
I love the story. It is so funny, and cliche. I would love to see how it going on. Daniel is so cute, and Delirium is positively a love. I hope you will make them a biggest rock-band.

Thank so much for the story.
11/20/2008 c2 17Cattails
Those were some mad hiccups! O_O And Delirium is one scary little bugger when he wants to be...but so oblivious. Hee. I like Ethereal in all his sexy voice, violet-twirling power ^^ But poor Damien...but, er, at least he got some cool pink stuff...? :D
11/18/2008 c2 Domini-kun
Oh my god, he had hiccups, XD

I wonder how he's going to deal with that...

I mean, he has to teach them EVERYTHING!
11/18/2008 c2 8Blaze Moonlight
Nice chapter - I loved the line about teen angst.
11/18/2008 c2 ddz008
Wonderful! I really like it XD I should be studying but well.. you have only two chapters so I could read them and continue "studying". Hope you update soon! I liked those three :)
11/17/2008 c2 poomiki
that was so funny, i love those two fearies (:

good work keep it up!
11/17/2008 c2 6theStarfly
haha voice-rape.

I love this! Y'all should keep it up! love love love! I would say more but it's fucking late and augh. Great job
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