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for Onion The Flea

8/6/2006 c1 1goddess of yesterday
Um cute story, feel bad for the flea though
10/14/2004 c1 10Turelie
XD Well at least you didn't have too long to get attached right? My own cat's vendetta against fleas must be working. (I should stop her.)
5/4/2002 c1 Lee T'lisakisdriam
Can you say stupid?
3/22/2002 c1 1Puddle And Dark Rose
thats pretty deep man, u had me in tears, i was just thinking of my fried Jaymelee, well we call her Jaymeflea or just flea, and when onion the flea died, it made me think of her...man fleas are trwated badly in this day and age, i might start a campaign
3/22/2002 c1 195ReaDiNGS DaRK RoSe
helloo i am Jamyiflea )(my name iss Jaymilee) hehehehe! and may i say that jars are horrible things! hahahahaha! im sure he is in a better place! hee!hee! RIP onion!
9/30/2001 c1 16Little Alisimo
poor lil' flea. * sniff* soo sad. Poor thing.
9/1/2001 c1 8Mystery Squeezit
Oh geez-lol. That was funny! Onion is a great name for a flea. Yes, may poor Onion rest in peace. *heehehehehe* this is cool. No one has ever made me feel for a flea before. *lol* Keep writing! Later
8/24/2001 c1 twinny2
4/23/2001 c1 a8
4/17/2001 c1 1PlasmaBomb
You, my friend, are very weird. And to make another coment, you are also sad and mean, otherwise it was okay. `_`

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