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for Scientist's Wife

9/21/2008 c1 10Zijue
This is quite an empassioned piece - you have created a strong sense of contrast, if not conflict within - it almost seems like an argument in a poem, the way points and counterpoints go to and fro. Not only that, but it's quite black and white, which is often how arguments appear. There is one stance, which sounds wonderful and has strong positive imagery, i.e. "the piercing cry of an eagle" or "the heaven of a sunrise", whereas the narrator is almost dismissive of the scientific side, i.e. "You don't feel anything", "... That's all they are to you".

This dismissive attitude by the narrator heightens the sense of marital discontent, the lack of compromise - just "I'm right, you're wrong", it's black or it's white.

I'm enjoying your poems very much - keep them coming :)

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