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11/23/2012 c10 Denad
Nooo! The nix wasn't a bad man! Not then nicest, but I didn't want her to kill herself! This is so greatly written, but I refuse to believe this epilogue speaks truths. I'm sorry, but it simply no longer exists! :P Because that is the world we live in; If we don't like something, we pretend it is no longer there dang it.
11/7/2012 c10 Glamour Addict
I'm kind of horrified...and tramatized...WHY GOD WHY!?
2/28/2011 c10 yourheadsnotonright
HOLY CRAP! you killed her! no! LOL other than that everything was great! =)
11/26/2010 c10 2bubublacz
Oh my God! Oh My god! I thought that the person who'll die was... But! *wide eyes* Ironically, I don't feel that sad that she did that... Am now going to search for the Nix original story...
9/30/2010 c10 1Lomesa
Good story. Short and sweet. It has such a nice fairytale feel to it. Only thing that bothers me is the ending. It's not the fact that the girl dies, it's more the way in which you wrote it... It felt rather flat... Maybe you could make it a little more emotional? Otherwise I kinda liked the tragic ending... I hope the Nixie leared from his mistake.
9/18/2010 c10 1Tomoe Kawaji
;~; *hiccup*

The parts where the Nix is the lake reminded me of Alpheus the river god. A myth I'm fond of, actually.

Nice job building up the tension in Ch. 9. I actually went "OH SHNAP" in my head while reading it. And the sentence where the fish notice the lake getting warmer? I actually chuckled.
8/4/2010 c10 16Yereanth16
That was so beautiful, I found myself crying and cursing everything out, funny thing is I love lilies specially water lilies._. and when you said not to google it I wanted to google it but didn't, sad ending but thats why I liked it so much. I feel bad for the nyx though, all he wanted was company, this reminds me of a story I read but it had to do with a witch, a prince and other stuff, let me shut up now, this is to long and it just me talking nothing

6/15/2010 c10 19Eternal Skies
you're on my black list-it's official! *snarls*

that's it...? *says some colorful words*

i'm very disappointed in you, young lady-i want you to know! *looks at her disapprovingly*

*then hands her a big, big trophy* here you go, you're the most expert in writing incomplete stories...you can keep it

6/15/2010 c1 Eternal Skies

can't wait to read this one, chris!

i hope the ending wouldn't leave me in tears because it's not satisfyiing T_T
6/4/2010 c9 SassyGrl
6/3/2010 c10 TheMissSmith
I love this story. I had never heard of the myth before. Thanks for writing this great read. Ending is so sad.

Are you going to write the sequel? Just curious because it was a year and a half ago that you finished this. I would love it if you did.
6/3/2010 c10 SassyGrl
So sad. The Nix seemed to really like her a lot, wasn't he sad? Can they still be together? make the sequel
12/6/2009 c10 Sweet September Storm
Wow. That ending will throw you off.

I'd never heard the myth before, but you've done a great job in refashioning it...at least from what I read. Tragic and engaging - although a follow-up chapter might go far to dry the inevitable tears that come after an ending like that!

Good job!


11/2/2009 c10 Icyfire4w5
Move along? I still mourning for Katrine. She's only eighteen years old!
11/2/2009 c8 Icyfire4w5
This chapter is perfect, although you've spelt "fright" as "freight", I think. Aw, if the nix is all-knowing, he'll have already been expecting Katrine to kill him anytime.
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