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2/3/2009 c10 BeanBagChair11
sorry I haven't reviewed, the other computer is slow!

this was quite an ending. I must say I was not expecting that. when you said "twist" I thought it would all be happy. and while I did cry at the end (I thought she was gonna kill the nix!), I felt relieved that it did not have a happy ending. you are the first author to have ever done that to me - lover of soul mates and happy endings! and for that, I applaud you. I truly love the story you wrote, regardless of how sad and weird it was at times. ;)

be sure to continue writing! you have a hand none other can match. (:
1/29/2009 c10 2AlijaS117
I can't wait for the sequel!
1/28/2009 c10 1Alicia Davis
aww.. sad ending..mayeb of her parents were so the nix is gonna kill ya, she may have had a hapy life..- sigh- darn parents.. good retelling! I'll be on the look out for the new story!
1/28/2009 c10 Nargus
But...she died...I thought it was supposed to be a happy ending...as opposed to the normal tale...
1/23/2009 c9 4Mary Chrys
1/18/2009 c9 2Replace Bulb
Haha I love the ending!
1/15/2009 c9 7Mazkeraide
Whoa. That was a bit of a shocker. Although I suppose it was intended...

Now you simply must update this soon so I can know what happens!

1/13/2009 c9 2AlijaS117
great chapter!
1/13/2009 c9 3M.Bianca
wait a second! "into HER heart"? I was absolutely sure that knife was for him! what a twist! brilliant! I wouldn't have thought about that, not in a 10 years!
1/4/2009 c8 3Amarantis
There's a story telling element. Kinda what you get from H.C. Anderson's stories or some Kalevala mythology and so on (though not so obvious as they are), only it's not as vague, which I really appreciate. And it's more of a modern prose then they are. Well, the kind you see in book stores, if you gather what I mean. Quite contradictory, isn't it?
1/2/2009 c8 hoptart
I hope this story doesn't end the way the original version does. That would be too sad. But this story is categorised under romance, and well, their romance seems too one-sided right now to end it this soon. After all, if Katrine or the nix (whatever his real name might be) dies, then the story is basically over, which would be a bit weird, I think. Either way, this review is pretty much me using my strange logic to try and convince you not to kill off any of the characters. So, please don't, ehehehe yea...
12/28/2008 c8 7Mazkeraide
Oh dear. I sense things will not turn out well if Katrine tries to kill the nix. Can they even be killed?

Update soon(er than this one!)

12/28/2008 c1 like-diamonds
a very nice chapter. very well worded and lovely descriptions. gave me a very clear picture of the scenery and how the daughter looked (as a child at least). an now im looking forward to the other chapter:) keep writing.
12/28/2008 c8 Airotciv19
I am enjoying this story very much, I like it and sympathize with both Katrine and the Nix. Unfortunately I am familiar with the story that this is based upon, and hope that you do not end it so sadly. Please update, I want finish reading! :)
12/28/2008 c8 2AlijaS117
great chapter update soon!
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