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5/27/2009 c9 JaveHarron
Are we going to see any more types of abhumans soon? The subraces of human are always fun to reading. Also, do the Rangers have any method of negating types of enemy thaumaturgy?
5/19/2009 c8 JaveHarron
Fun new political twists and change of title. The mention of previous historical and Archoverse events was also fun. I'm hoping to see other nations and fringe groups get involved soon.
3/24/2009 c2 5Terror-and-Love
Got a chance to read this again. I'll be reviewing the other chapters individually. Just letting you know you have something special here.

The world is very interesting. I like the steam-punk and magical elements. The political intrique as well.

It is well written also. Looking forward to reading more.
3/18/2009 c7 JaveHarron
Good to finally see an update with GoD. Plenty of vulnerable civilians for the Sons to attack. Hoping to see some foreign involvement and stranger powers involved soon.
3/5/2009 c7 9Shoob
Nice to see you picked this back up. Good combat sequences there. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's up with Michael, namely who or what is behind the voice in his head, but I suspect that you're saving the full details for some kind of plot or character related reason. Keep writing.
1/29/2009 c1 5Terror-and-Love
I was really inpressed with the first chapter. I do look forward to reading this.

I love a good sci-fi/fantasy. It seems to have an interesting world. Cant wait to get into it.
11/21/2008 c5 JaveHarron
Good to see certain bastards get what's coming to them. Some of the transitions between characters were hard to see, but that's likely just a formatting issue. The grammar and writing was pretty good. Keep up the good work.
10/20/2008 c4 JaveHarron
A very cool battle scene. The constructs and thaumaturgy was pretty cool, as were the Rangers. Looking forward to seeing the continuation of the battle.
10/15/2008 c3 JaveHarron
You've done a good job setting the stage so far in this chapter. You have the sleazy ambassador, the Son of Auros, and lots of things going on at once. Keep up the awesome work.
10/13/2008 c3 9Shoob
Cool. It looks like you're building up to something, I look forward to finding out what.
10/6/2008 c2 JaveHarron
Glad to see the newer awesome version of Michael. A few minor things:

"Except of course, that it turns out he’d been studying cryo-alchemist since he was twelve." Should it be cryoalchemy? Or cryokinesis?

"They are under my care, and I will do whatever I deem necessary to ensure they have the moral and conditioning they need to do their jobs.” Should be "morale."

Other than this, I'm liking the political aspects of GoD so far.
9/28/2008 c1 Shoob
Nice start. Can't wait for more.
9/24/2008 c1 JaveHarron
Off to an awesome start, CB. It opened with a bang, but a lot of descriptive narration. Hoping to see some more action soon!

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