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6/8/2009 c1 RoyaLiknytt
If you list all the cliches of the romance novel genre, you would probably have a list long enough to wrap around my house.


But seriously...pretty sure for every thought you've ever thought up, there are dozens of people in the past/present/future who are thinking the exact same thing.

My Question: What type of Storyline is not considered cliche?
10/9/2008 c3 6StarrburstNoodles
"It's hard to find a good guy these days. They're all either gay or married." ~Mom.


To Candace: Honey, if they start talking about sex on the first date, you need to drop 'em. Heck, even the first couple of months! They don't like you for who you are if they start talking about it early. All they want is a hole. (And I think you know what I mean.)

To Sept: I swear my principal is gay. The "wife and kids" thing is just a lie. I mean, who dresses in a purple shirt and a pink tie on their first day to work? And this wasn't PURPLE purple, this was LILAC. I'm like, "Do you honestly want to have people make fun of you?"

And of COURSE my friend Heather is in love with him. xD
10/8/2008 c3 2xdinoxcorex
You're so mean, September! -pouts-
10/8/2008 c2 3Pot
This is so you. xD

I hate Kim Possible for that too, I watched the last bit of that movie where they ended up dating and was all, "WTF" I choked on my crisps. Not fun.

And the description of Fictionpress. .; Hope you don't get in trouble for it though.

Don't die in a car accident or anything and update, will you, Chlorine Kid?

Oll Korrect!

10/7/2008 c2 2xdinoxcorex
Dude, Trix really does that? O.o WoafuckI'mdead.
10/7/2008 c1 xdinoxcorex
Wuhoh...I'm guilty of the cliches...
10/7/2008 c2 6StarrburstNoodles
I KNOW! Kim Possible made me pretty mad when they did that. And now, all the "kids shows" on TV are either sugarcoated to the point of where you want to barf, or promoting dating and flirting. HELLO! KINDERGARTNERS WATCH THESE SHOWS! And High School Musical makes me want to barf because it's so cliche.

I have this friend who's NEVER WATCHED TV IN HER LIFE. She's a PK. (Preacher's kid) Her parents have shielded her to the point of where it's hurting her. I look at her and I'm like: "You do realize that the world isn't the happy place you think it is right?"

She'll probably turn out to be a druggie. Poor girl...
10/2/2008 c1 StarrburstNoodles
Dude, leetspeak all through a story gets on my nerves too.

Yay, I'm not alone! XD

And the labels and cliches get me mad.
10/2/2008 c1 68centuriespast

I totally agree with you there mate

Cliche's are old news

Sometimes they can give you a "structure" if you will

to base your story off of

but the more you write the more you may find yourself wandering from the "original" plot

Thanks for posting this btw


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