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11/8/2008 c1 8Ohka Breynekai
Paradoxical or what? Heh... I get this creepy feeling that you're omnipotent and omnicient as you write this. But then I see you (for some reason as a five year old girl) standing in the middle of a busy city street, staring up at some viewer with an arrogant look on you face, as though saying, "You'll never own me." A battle against the world, eh?

Yeah, I'm pretty tired. See the weirdest things from your poetry... when I'm tired...

11/2/2008 c1 45AStrangerToYou
Wow, you actually turned this in? Good for you! Great poem.
11/1/2008 c1 Imperia
i like this, i understand what you mean about teachers trying to categorize their students. it just doesn't work, i felt like that too. i never want to make my students feel like they have to be something. i understand that you can be two things that are the complete opposite of each other (if that makes sense).
10/10/2008 c1 Anonymous
Wow. So negative! But your poem has a very strong sense of defying authority in it, and I can feel it as I read this poem. That's the trick to writing good poetry-making the words feel real.
10/5/2008 c1 23Amaury
Very good.
10/5/2008 c1 140Chidaruma Kamisori
you could define yourself by the abstract.

Lovely poem.

10/5/2008 c1 50risaisis
Hmm, this was good, I liked how you repeated "I am everything." ANd the bold caught my eye, too. :) I like "I have it all I have nothing", that line was really amazing. I like opposites and such used in poems. :P

10/3/2008 c1 16PopMakesMeBurpy
wow, you showed her didnt you albert. i love it. you are such an amazing writer. And I like your shoulders. haha.

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