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for Emma Connelly: Goddess of Romance

11/27/2009 c5 14Beautiful Destination
Love the story. I also want a Colin as well, but that may just be asking for too much :P
11/18/2009 c5 1Robyn2250
Oh! This is enough to make me want to quit college now, try my hand at romance and hope that I will find a Colin. *fans self* My, he's a very sexy man...Wonderful job on that. I will be checking out some of your other stories now. :)
10/23/2009 c5 13Aaerie
o course they rnt too bad lolz not or her anywayz
10/19/2009 c5 animegirl214
haha aw :) that was really cute! it was only 5 chapters.. but i loved it! :D :D :D
10/12/2009 c5 10Itsa Mia



I feel like the teenager in this chapter that ended up just squealing how much she loved it. Because I loved it. I liked how they got together anyway. I mean of course that would happen. But still.

And, pshyeah virgins have the craziest and most romantic fantasies. They write about the romance they wish they had :D

This was so much fun to read. You write really well. I love perfect grammar. By default I love the people who use it. So you can guess where I'm getting. :D

I had a hard time imagining Colin, simply because you described him as so much bigger than Emma, and I ended up imagining this hulking giant of a man, and this tiny little lady, but I'm like... no...I think they're regular sized .
10/10/2009 c5 9Jennyt82
You managed to pack a lot of goodness into so short a story. Excellent work.
9/22/2009 c2 1hairspray cliche
I really liked this. The characters are so funny! Haha... But I know when I am drunk I definitely CANNOT keep a serious conversation... I am usually wasted.
8/15/2009 c5 azer
aww so cute.

Would have been cute if the fans had gotten a little preview ;-)
8/6/2009 c5 monotone rainbows
Great story, it's probably my 5th time reading it through!
6/23/2009 c5 2woesoflove
hehe, this is very very sweet.
6/10/2009 c5 Dee
Aw I loved it! Really good short story!
5/14/2009 c1 k156

Keep up the good work! ;]
4/25/2009 c5 23Jem the writer
This was totally sweet and incredibly awesome! I loved that it was so short; it made it an easy and enjoyable read!

Definitely one of the best shorts I've read on fictionpress; it was a great plotline and great characters! It was super sweet! (Going straight onto my faves!)

4/16/2009 c5 5annoyance
Great story =)
4/10/2009 c5 5amezz
This was really sweet:) I'm so glad that Colin went to her book signing! I was hoping that that would happen! You are a very good writer! This was a really good story!
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