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for Emma Connelly: Goddess of Romance

3/29/2009 c5 artmagus
it kind of remind of harlequin novels ... and i just love them !
2/25/2009 c1 3Ruby Sue
Pretty awesome story. It takes the whole one night stand find your true love concept to a new level. I'm glad it isn't a "oh no! He's the new student!" or "Oh no! he's my arch enemy!" or "Oh no! He's my new boss!" or "Oh now he's my best friend!". those are all that i can think of but i'm happy you went the un-cliched route. this story really rocks by the way.
1/1/2009 c5 zoule
Simply adorable, sweet, funny, cute, etc etc ^_^
12/6/2008 c5 Hazelnut Romance
*squeal* "i like totally adore this story, like it's, like the best thing that i, like ever read!" sorry, i just felt like sounding like one of her ditzy fans. but i'm serious, the story was really well written and sweet. =)
12/2/2008 c5 19toffeecakesxox
OHMYGOD. I've read this in like a few seconds, I swear. I'm exagerrating, but I love this. That sex scene was brilliant, and oh my god, the end is justperfect! LOVE!
11/3/2008 c5 5hi-tanner85
i freakin loved this.
10/30/2008 c5 danielle503
I love the stroy it was amazing,
10/28/2008 c5 8lunacy and literacy
how sweet! i wish i could see more of them together, but either way, they're too cute. i love emma's personality, she's utterly adorable. i look forward to reading more of your stuff =]
10/28/2008 c5 Roman Candles
Great story. I really loved the characters and the romance of it all.
10/27/2008 c5 Eccthlacine
10/20/2008 c5 duckie
it's such a cute story, so impressed; keep it up! it's original! :D
10/20/2008 c5 5I Murder on Impulse
WHE! Hehe, I love it ^_^
10/17/2008 c5 Pop the Bubble

so very very very cute!

i loves.
10/17/2008 c5 18Jade Q. Dean
It was good! Though a little quick paced ^^ Nevertheless good.

So, that's my love to you, lol ^^
10/15/2008 c5 Please remove account
A very nice little fic here. Plotline interesting, and coupling very cute.

I think your ending has the potential to be a bit stronger. It feels to me like a ending that doesn't quite fit- the last sentence sounds like it's resolved the big problem- thus it is used as the last sentence (to wrap up everything).

But then I feel that Emma's dislike of book signings isn't the main problem- the fact that she wasn't really a Goddess of Romance was, so it doesn't quite fit and thus creates a slightly 'off' feel.

So I think your ending might sound better if it had something relating to her new status as a couple (e.g. 'not even the long line waiting for her could erase the fluttering in her sotmach')(i.e. because she is looking forward to the lunch date- which is relating to her new relationship)

It might even sound alright if you just left the last sentence out (maybe)

I'm not sure I explained that very well- I hope you don't mind.

Thanks for the read!

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