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9/15/2013 c1 ImmanenceEnsured
Little question; do you still plan on updating this? Or is it on hiatus? No pressure honestly, but I love this story a lot and I was wondering... can't hurt to ask
6/3/2013 c2 7ImmanenceEnsured
That little letter he wrote her beforehand, ack, so cute!
And then, after all the weird stuff with the family, which was entertaining but also freaked me out a bit, hah, Gordy goes all shy and tries to explain. Man, she’s the best.

Wah. Not nearly enough Ricky. I’ll never get enough of him. These two are awesome.
6/3/2013 c1 ImmanenceEnsured
This is so funnaaaaah! And not only your writing – which I love, it’s smooth and amusing – but the lay-out too, with the lovely hearts and every paragraph aligned in the centre, it’s like reading a journal or some poetry or a fairytale.

Gordania is very interesting, I like her a lot. Telling a 14-year-old he’s a great catch, hah. Ricky is a sweetheart, obviously.
I love your description of the bus and the bus driver. They gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

I’m not into hetero love stories normally (slash fan) but I totally love this. Shotacon, much? Little Ricky is so edible! And everything you make him do, being all shy and bold at the same time, I can imagine standing in Gordy’s place going all “clasping my cheeks and waggling in place”. So wonderfully adorable.
"If this is my little cutie, then clap once, if not then hang up now because I don't wanna talk to you!" – Aaaah Gordy come here and let me kiss you! I want to molest your characters.
10/3/2008 c1 1Lady Hart
CUTE! hehe...love the start of the chapter (with the icon shape). Hope you do continue! (check out my page...I hope it's ok)

-Lady Hart

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