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for Star Gone Star Struck

10/14/2009 c10 5PhoebeKay
loved it, i really did !

when is the next chapter if there is one ? please !
4/21/2009 c7 sarcasm is my middle name
Hehe, this story's pretty interesting...

The girl next to my locker at school is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers (mainly Joe)!

She has a poster in her locker which has all the Jonas Brothers holding Reese bars, and the poster says: MAN CANDY!

It is vair funny!
1/2/2009 c5 3XCgirl
one word...WHAT!
10/28/2008 c1 10Faded Charm
It's awesome! You're great.
10/18/2008 c4 2DanBan.E
Great job! It's simple, but well written! Update! And the things the brothers said about being in your own love story made me laugh, because it's so true!
10/13/2008 c3 3XCgirl
Oh, I like the staring contest! and DANG IT MALLORY JUST HAD TO PULL HER AWAY! that was some cliffhanger, and i loved the Selena Miley thing. the different points of view add a really cool aspect to it too. can't wait for your next chapter!
10/11/2008 c3 2DanBan.E
Great job! I realy liked it! Work on editing though, but keep on updating! Great job on the staring contest, and I thought the Miley - Selena thing was hilarious! Update and read my stories!

Love, Dani
10/7/2008 c2 3XCgirl
Oh,I know where this is going...i understand it being a short chapter though, that was a good place to cut it off.
10/7/2008 c1 XCgirl
interesting intro...looking forward to more of this story!
10/5/2008 c2 2DanBan.E
Hey! I have to say I normaly hate Jonas Brother stories, but this one is rather intriguing! I really like how Isle is "that girl", the one who doesn't fawn over them, just a girl who likes the music. Of course we all know whats gonna happen, but for me, thats the fun of it. Just a comment, can you maybe make your author notes in bold or italic, and then have the story in just regular font? I love Nicks point of view, not really caring about the other celebrities, just playing for the fans. Of course, we won't know if thats how he really acts, but still, a girl can hope right? Haha, Update quickely please!1

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