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2/27/2014 c13 9Zoicite23
It was a short chapter. I like how Mitchell figured it out from the clouds. I thought he might have tried to test him a little first, maybe by asking him about opinions that would match other stuff in the diary. I'm pretty sure Mitchell is the one Sunny is in love with and has written about. I wonder if Mitchell will do some pondering about that in his next chapter.
2/27/2014 c12 Zoicite23
You picked a good time to end this chapter. Jonas has been going through a lot of changes, so he could go either way next chapter. I'm going to bet on him freaking out and running away. He's homophobic, but I think the fact that he'll like the kiss will make him panic more than anything else and leave. Of course he could kiss him a bit first. I guess I'll see what happens.
2/21/2014 c10 LennieBear
Are there any nice Christians in this? I'm depressed now
2/21/2014 c5 LennieBear
Oh jeez I hate it when people portray us Christians as homophobes all the time, we're actually a pretty liberal religion compared to the other main three, Muslims and Jews can't eat pork and the sha'riah law says you should stone homosexuals to death. The bible just says it's wrong but we shouldnt judge or act against gay people
2/14/2014 c11 Zoicite23
I'd be surprised that Mitchell didn't recognise the handwriting immediately if Sunny was in fact the author of the purple diary. Then again it sounds like he's new to the school completely, making it less likely that he is the author. I still like Mitchell the best, but Jonas's strangeness and problems make him interesting too. If only all lonely people could have someone attractive that liked them, join all their classes one day :(
2/14/2014 c10 Zoicite23
CWS either means 'Cody-Watcher Syndrome' or 'Closeted Wanker's Syndrome'. Having parents like that would be the worst thing ever. There are plenty of Christian parents who are supportive towards their gay children, but sadly there are ones like that as well.
2/14/2014 c9 Zoicite23
As if I'd skip this chapter! Lesbiansss! They're so cute! As of Ellie wouldn't have been Monty's type, she's the cutest girl in the school! I liked this chapter, and I wonder what Jonas will do if his best friend's relationship goes public.
2/14/2014 c8 Zoicite23
So many attractive people that insistently believe they are ugly... This story does have clich├ęs and coincidences. I'm pretty sure Sunny is the one who wrote the diary, but I wonder how he knew Mitchell if he only just moved into his class. He might have been in other classes with him though.
2/14/2014 c7 Zoicite23
Seems like Jonas might be coming to terms with his sexuality soon! I hope it's not too sudden though, someone with his problems will probably never be completely okay with his sexuality.
2/14/2014 c6 Zoicite23
Mitchell is very interesting. I wonder if his addiction to the book might be a little overplayed. I still enjoy reading from him and look forward to how he will meet the owner of the book. I can't way to see how Mitchell will develop as your story progresses.
2/14/2014 c5 Zoicite23
I find Jonas's great love of lollipops very weird. True that he is a weird kid though, you showed us that in your chapter which was nicely done. But still it didn't seem to fit to me. If he thought talking to Cody would make him immoral, I didn't think he would accept food for him. Plus his homophobia seemed so strong I felt it weird that a love for lollipops could be strong enough to override that, even if temporary. Still good job.
2/14/2014 c4 Zoicite23
I feel you Mitchell :'( This story is good. Stereotypical love interests like Cody who are super attractive, cool, slutty and masculine kind of annoy me. Then again I still see the appeal ;o Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/14/2014 c3 Zoicite23
I was really annoyed when you paired them together for a school project. It is so typical and I see that done in almost every slash story. However the build up was humorous and enjoyable, even if there was no mistaking that Jonas would end up with Cody.
2/14/2014 c2 Zoicite23
I hope that when you said 'affended' instead of 'offended' that was just your weird humour. This is so cute! I wonder if Mitchell will think this person is in love with Cody, before finding out it's about him (I really hope it's about him).
2/14/2014 c1 Zoicite23
This is entertaining. I like the characters so far. Although Jonas's homophobia made me feel like punching him, since I am bisexual.
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