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8/16/2013 c10 terabithias
cammie and alec have such vivd, distinct characters, their coffee shop encounters that i might've normally shook my head and laughed at actually made me hope for them. a lovely story i hope you continue someday!
3/19/2013 c1 25whisper queen
love it
1/16/2012 c10 1NeonTime
The one thing I want to say about this story (which I have sadly low hopes of being able to read more) is that it feels vastly more real than almost any other story on here. Just two people randomly meeting—both characters I love, incidentally—and forming a relationship that feels true to life. That I can respect.
9/26/2011 c1 16non.graceful
Okay, I'm going to be completely non-graceful, which I'm usually not.

I didn't like this. :/ Sorry. It didn't jump out and catch my attention... Sometimes I was too distracted and wanted to read something more interesting... Wow that sounds rude :0

You're introduction to both the characters could have been done in a snap and you're story needed to be balanced with dialogue and non dialogue paragraphs- evening it out will cause your audience to be more interested.

One plus side to your story is the dialogue itself. Yeah the girls talking on and on but the guy is actually quite funny :) if you were to add more of that, I guess I wouldn't have been so bored- well probably by the girl *shrugs*

Don't kill me for this review,

3/9/2011 c10 Pione
Aww, I like how your story is progressing. And I adore your style. It's simple but direct. I can't wait to read your next chapter!
4/14/2010 c10 mgouda
i have to say, i'm really enjoying this story.

it's beautiful and graceful, and your characters are so different from those i've read about before on fictionpress. i really enjoyed the dialogue, and the hesitancy and complete naivety your characters experience.

however...i'm really not liking the lack of updates, lol. i just found and read this story, then i noticed the last time it was updated. come on!

but anyway, keep it up, and i can't wait to see more.
4/13/2010 c10 5anamika
Hey, I recently asked the SKOW group to give me a powerful beautiful story and you're one of list that I got and I have to say they definitely got it right... You have interesting characters, though a touch 2D, they leave me wondering what they'll do next. The age difference puzzles me but then in the setting of NYC (where I happen to live) I know that's not completely impossible. You really have a knack for telling the story though I'm not sure if you have something fixed in mind yet... Anyways, loved your work hope you update...soon I guess... tc
3/24/2010 c10 Lobotomised
ohmygertrude! i LOVE you! i love how you've written Cammie - this is the only story i've read who's main character is entirely superficial and slightly ditzy, but i actually really like it! this is amazing stuff, and, *sigh of relief* YOU KNOW WHAT AN APOSTROPHE IS! most of the stuff on Fictionpress is completely grammarless, punctuationless, and is written is what i think must be a dialect of pig-latin, but you are an amazing writer, and I LOVE this story! KEP UPDATING, and i will keep reviewing, i promise!
3/21/2010 c10 12Kellet
This is one of those stories that have that change-the-world or change-your-life kind of quality. It's bittersweet and a little sad and it's written with the stuff that dreams are made of. Not that icky, cotton candy fairytale stuff, but with the warmth and bitterness of coffee. I can't wait for the next chapter.
3/14/2010 c10 24cityskyline at your fingertips
I love your style of writing-makes me jealous. XD Anyway, Cammie and Alec are so adorable together even though they're not 'together', you know? They have this chemistry that is so perfect but at the same time it's painfully slow. I love the plot line and your writing style and everything about this story, so keep writing. :)
3/3/2010 c10 1Arevelo
Wow...this is a fantastic story! I really love your characters, and Alec and Cammie seem to have so much chemistry together.

Please update soon!
3/3/2010 c10 20Lonzo
Reviewing... Awesome.
3/1/2010 c10 2Lullaby Street
LOVE IT! Really, it is simply wonderful. Summer is simply a genious...a manipulative genious, but a genious none the less. It astounds me how thick headed these two can be, though mostly her. He obviously likes her, and I wish she'd see that so that she could put his little worried mind, and heart, at ease. So what if they are from different worlds? He simply has to get his life together and get the girl he wants.

This is simply such a great story, I love it!

And I also LOVE when you finally update...so please do it again soon...as a little gift for being such a loyal reader. Please?

Have a lovely day.


p.s. have you ever been to Gibraltar?
2/28/2010 c10 25Kyllex
Ek! This chapter was short, but SO cute. I loved Alec's freak out. That boy needs to realize how much he's starting to care about Cammie. And I pretty much love Summer right now, she is my hero. Talk about the ultimate matchmaker! Haha.

I can't wait for an update! Great job, as usual! Loved it!
2/28/2010 c10 14its.Nothing.Special

and wow, ahhahha, summer already knew. that's rich. perfect. she's the best. because now it's not alec coming to save her, it's alec coming to...like, you know, love her and be loved (finally) and wow this sentence is getting cheesier by the second. but you know, cammie's not michelle, she's cammie, and she's just so...this is all so wonderful. I don't understand how you got them so far in 10 chapters and it doesn't feel rushed AT ALL. i'm sure i've commented on the pace of this story before, but it bears repeating. YOU'RE THE BEST.

anyway. i'm really gushing right now, i'm sorry. but this chapter was just really, honestly well-written. like i'm not just going all fangirl on you because they're that much closer to romance, but because these characters are getting clearer and clearer every chapter and you didn't overdo the "YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY" thing - i'm always afraid of the way authors will handle those important conversations and i had an epiphany! the times they make me cringe are the times when in the midst of the rant, one character reveals so much about themselves/the other in straight-up dialogue...but yours was so great because even if some of this stuff hasn't been directly said, the readers already knew all that. it just means so much more when it's coming from alec's mouth. AWW ALEC.

AND THE MONKEYS! lovelovelove. first of all, that he remembered, second that she's so excited about them; she's so cute. and finally, the fact that her excitement got him feeling down again - this emotional tension is brilliant. like, it's so real and i still can't wrap my mind around the way you are so in-tune with these characters.

[Some of the excitement he'd felt at finding her was wearing away. Now it was just them, again. A girl beginning to enjoy her life and a boy entirely disenchanted with his. And they would go home, and she'd go off to college, and he gave her back her future.] BEST LINES OF THE CENTURY. you captured the feeling i didn't know how to give words to, in three sentences. like, i don't even think you know how awesome that is. your perception is striking.

like, there was this short-story writer who said literature was supposed to be like music, and the words are the lyrics but everything else - the tone and the sounds and the tension - that is supposed to be felt and it's just as important as the lyrics? he said that's what separates literature from just plain old writing - it's not just bits and pieces, it's the whole composition. buddy, you're making music.

and this chapter was well-worth the wait! OMGCHAPTER11YESYES


a.k.a. its.NotaFanGirl
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