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10/21/2008 c1 35MyCookiesNotYours
For the first one(Because I read them all):

Oh cool, love it. It's kind of a little not of my own liking, or so to say, well I did in fact like it, but it was different from some things I'd of thought of. And this one was almost real. (Not saying it couldn't have been.)

Second: This was different from the last(first), I liked it also. Though I don't got much else, I'm not good at saying much different.

Third one: Okay, I finally read the author's note, and it makes some sense now. Because before it was kind of obsurd(sp?), No Offense.

But anyways, overall I liked it!
10/16/2008 c3 53Katie Nicole
Un review pour toi (:

Okay, I read all three of your 'Happy Poems' and here's what I think.

I don't really enjoy the first two. I don't mean to be harsh - but the rhymes didn't match, you know? I mean, okay. That was oddly phrased. All the rhymes RHYMED... but the lines were all different lengths.

For instance,

"I hate Jane.

She's a pain."

The lines match. Some of your lines had too many syllables I think. But then you rhyme ABCB in the first.. and then you switch it up all mad-crazy like in the second.. so maybe I'm wrong. It's a lot of poems for one review, I should have done these separately.

I think they got progressively better ... the first was my least favorite, the second was okay, and the third I really like.

For the third:

I like the way you break your lines. They're short and descriptive, and each stanza is separated by a line, so it makes it easy to concentrate on each subject.

I like that you don't bother trying to rhyme, because it sounds more natural.

And I like the content most, because it's not blindly optimistic (even though, I know, they're Happy Poems).

I really like:

"Cast your lot and wander

Forget to claim your prize

Play again"

It all seems so scatterbrained, but for some reason I really enjoy it. It makes think I should be thinking but I don't know what to think about.

I read your authors notes, but I didn't read your poems to any rhythm in my head because I didn't know the rhythm of the songs they were meant to follow. That might make a difference.

Anyway, sorry if these weren't helpful :D Just honest bits and pieces of opinion.

10/16/2008 c1 8Imagine-it-all
I liked this a lot..

It made me feel good :)
10/14/2008 c1 10LyricsArePoetry
I love how this poem is saying that happiness is worth finding, but isn't niave (is that spelt right?) because it says that it's not always easy to find.

Also the idea of needing someone else to help us is great, because try as we might to go at everything alone, a lot of the time we do just need a guilding hand, from a parent, or a friend. And at the same time - which this poem also says - we need to be there for people if they need us.

Great poem :):)

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