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for The Acid Test: Advice to My Daughter

4/9/2009 c1 joseph meredith
Nice take on "The Acid Test: Advice to my son." When I wrote it, my son was only eight, so it was really more for my wife. I wish you much success.

10/13/2008 c1 6Poena Sensus
Hello, this was a great poem for me to read today, i do not know you at all, but this situation in which your poem speaks is, i feel universal,i see these things happening all the time, and i see, from a masculine perspective the "real" guys those that do not decieve picking up all the girls,

i liked the style you wrote this in, and i like the message as well, it is real and good

thank you for writting this, i might justh have to check out some of your other works
10/10/2008 c1 Raistlin Majere
Spectacular; flawless, even. Powerful words. Who can imagine what effect will occur with such harsh truths you've laid bare? Oh, were I so capable of such ruin! Pity the whore who reads it.

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