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4/28/2009 c5 5I Murder on Impulse
hahaha so cute lol :P

1/13/2009 c5 14Kicon
Sorry this review was so late. -.-" Awesome chapter!

1/11/2009 c5 4xlovextimesx
Haha, at the end. (:
12/25/2008 c4 14Kicon

Wow...that was a good chapter. I wonder what got into her.

12/23/2008 c4 3dreeachann
i like this story ALOT ;D

Cant wait for more.
12/22/2008 c4 Mrs.Cupcake
This story is so sad... I like it! Yeah I know I'm weird but, it makes you feel what the characters feel.

I really want to know the story behind Hayden and Leta's sadness.

Please update soon! happy holidays!
12/22/2008 c4 4xlovextimesx
Aw, I loved the end. (:

It was so adorable and sweet.
12/15/2008 c3 mygoditsm
it's interesting, captivating both my curiousity to know more but my curiosity to find out more about the story.

You're raising many questions to what I hope I shall find the answers in the next chapters.

continue it, please!
12/11/2008 c3 rachelaine
I really like this but it seems as if they've been friends forever. I mean, I know they were previously, but now after one encounter, they're BFF's? :P Just seems a bit fast to me. It was like they were so extremely nervous before they DID realize it was each other and now, it was like they were never separated. Love the story regardless though. :P
12/4/2008 c3 1funky-gg
so sweet! hayden rocks! hurry up with the next chapter. :)
12/3/2008 c3 4xlovextimesx
Love your story so far.

It's cute. :D

Hayden and Leta are adorable.
12/3/2008 c3 14Kicon
Haha! That was amazing!

11/21/2008 c2 rachelaine
:) Yay. Update soon.
11/9/2008 c2 Kicon
Yay! I loved it.

10/11/2008 c1 rachelaine
oh.. I like this story! :D
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