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11/8/2008 c1 8Ohka Breynekai
It is rather unnerving, isn't it, how education enforces a person's THINKING? Our small and impressionable minds (less so now than when we were in elementary school, of course) believing whatever the teachers have to say because they are big and we, little?

Different now. Now we call teachers devils and plan their deaths. (You do, at least. I like my teachers just fine, even if I don't alway agree.)

So why did you write this, if you don't mind me asking? This doesn't quite seem like you. You're not one to let your brain be picked clean. So...?

But, I enjoyed this. The impact of the last line, "Despair". And the image of teachers as "rabid wolves".

Very good!


11/1/2008 c1 29Vince Loring
Seems good. reminds me alot of some of the other stuff you have written. i can defenatly tell you have a...distinct voice when it comes to poetry.
10/18/2008 c1 16PopMakesMeBurpy
Oh, my God, you wrote OVERWHELMED with the first letters of each sentence. Very cleaver...um... clever. haha. I really enjoyed it. And you totally summed up our high school experience. Thank for reading over my shoulder, it totally made this awkward.

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