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1/25/2011 c14 6Love Life and Covens
Awesome story! . Christen is so sweet! And Ava needs a good hit in the head. have you not update! You can not leave your faithful readers hanging for so freaking long! UPDATE!

P.S. If you are still looking for a beta I would be happy to help.
10/18/2010 c14 7rulestolife01
Any chance there might be a chapter update in the works? Rereading the story just makes me want to know the end to this cliffhanger. =)
3/28/2009 c14 Zenia
Do you have the rest of this story planned out?

-Read You Later
3/28/2009 c14 L
WOW first of all HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING IN THE WOODS! It sure took you long enough to update! I thought you'd given up posting on here for crying out loud! Second WHY in the HECK did you have to go and ruin Christian AND Ava with the scumbag AGAIN! haven't they endured enough stinking torture already? Okay now that that is out of the way and I have regained my composure... your flow changed halfway down so I am going to assume you wrote this over a period of days; there were a few grammatical errors in flow that could be dealt with mostly in punctuation and word choice to have the choppy become satin smooth, to wax poetically.Now for some charectar and plot commentary: Miriam is a sadistic lunatic with a maniacle master plan to destroy all humaness in Ava, Why in the heck did Zach and Christian allow that and what does she want; I could use several choice vernaculars here but will refrain from doing so. Congrats on creating a Phsyco charectar well *applause*. Overall a very twisty chappie for the people who have been chomping at the bit for you to update. Please tell me you aren't going to completely destroy Ava, I want you to at least give me that much. Because you have now technically and seriously pushed her to the brink of breaking enough times that it would not be surprising for Ava to move into the Appalacian mountains and never come out of hiding again:or for her to just give up on life entirely as she is a depth of secrets. I almost think she could have been more vulnerable in this chapter as she was completely hurt by Christian and is now being stalked by the scumbag to the point of a legal restraining order, PLEASE will you STOP torturing the poor girl with phsychiatric scars and let her heal a little bit, she and Christian have enough to work through without all of the serious additional trauma, you really do get some serious sadistic pleasure out of traumatizing both of them don't you, that was rhetorical, I know the answer is a resounding YES anyway an overall good chapter if a sad and depressing one, WRITE SOON PLEASE :D
3/22/2009 c14 Zenia
3/16/2009 c14 FuckMeAlice
Okay! First of all, I love this sentence:

'After I had done that, I realised why people kissed with their eyes closed. It was as if the whole universe had disappeared and there was only me and him, entangled in each other, and an endless warmth that infused me with desire for him.'

It really brings home how she's just getting used to displays of affection and Christian in general. It's a very lovely description of a kiss.

Second of all... WHY THE CLIFFHANGER? You had something really good going, and you built the tension, so now I'm going to have to put you on alert so I know when you update! Damn you. No seriously, good cliffhanger. you chose the right time to spring it on me.

3/16/2009 c13 FuckMeAlice
Wow, poor Ava. Poor Christian.

First, I love how you carried out the dramatic intensity of the conversation at the end. It didn't come off as melodramatic or soapy, in fact, it was very realistic. The very simple dialogue made the conversation one of the best I've read in the romance section for a long while.

Second, I also like the character of Zach. You write very good empathetic males. :) He really comes off as a concerned brother in the exchange with Ava, and I could really see he wants the best for Christian. If only my brothers were like that.

3/16/2009 c12 FuckMeAlice
All right, let's get down to business-

First, I love the character of Makoto. I know Mel was only using him as a pretend boyfriend, but he seems really nice and understanding. If I were him, I would have taken the fifty dollars and left. He's special. I hope Ava sees that soon, because I really hate how she's using him to get back at her real boyfriend, who's also a nice guy.

Second, this line really bugged me-

'His voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Christian's.'

I'm not sure about the wording. I don't think that it's wrong, per se, but the word 'resemblance' implies that it looks like something, and therefore you can see it. You can't see his voice.

Apart from that, it was really good.

3/13/2009 c14 Zenia
Do you have the rest of this stroy planned out?

-Read You Later
3/13/2009 c14 JZK

i ahte cliffehangers

and i ahte mirium n mel
3/9/2009 c13 2ifloveisalabor
Ava finally opened to Christian! They seem perfect for each other. Please update as soon as you get the chance. I still love this story.
3/1/2009 c13 25Ember Black
*Sigh* I love this story, it's very well written, and I absolutely love Christian, even more so because he isn't the perfect angel that Ava believes him to be in the beginning. We should all find Christians in life :)
2/15/2009 c13 Zenia
You're not going to update are you? Well then I guess I just give up.

2/5/2009 c13 Zenia
1/25/2009 c13 Zenia
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