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for The Horror in Chemistry 101

4/19/2009 c1 May Elizabeth
This was intresting. I didn't hate it, but it was just okay. There's nothing wrong with it, I just didn't enjoy it. Peace.
3/23/2009 c1 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Herro. Me again. :) Anyway, interesting piece of work here in a sense that you rarely do humor fics. In fact I don't remember you doing it before. All in all I do find it a refreshing change from the historical pieces you've wrote. But be careful here since you might want to flesh out the humor aspect. Like doing details on all the going-ons in the story and what not. My main issue with this story is that the humor wasn't evident in a significant way. Sorry if I sound mean here. My brain got stumped atm and I can't think of a way to phrase it better. But I don't mean to be nasty. Trust me on that Anyway thanks for your review on A Ranger's Tale. Hope to see more of your reviews for my other stories soon. Maybe Seal of Valor since you've started on that. :)
3/5/2009 c1 Spurlunk
I like this story, the only problem I can see is there are sometimes some random tense changes, which I suppose comes from the whole telling a story thing. Well done. =)
2/16/2009 c1 11vrivasfl
First, I just thought I'd point out that the title says it's Chemistry 101, but Suzanna makes a point of calling it Chestiry 102. I don't know if there is a reason for that, but I thought I would just poin that out.

I liked the writing style, but I didn't feel like this little short story went anywere. I felt a bit let down by the ending. I was built up with the interation (or lack therof) with Steve, which cumulated into nothing.

Also (and I'm assuming this is just a formatting problem) all the apostraphes that should be here aren't. There's an empty space where they should be.

Overall, it was good, but I felt let down by the ending.
1/3/2009 c1 1Jessie My Love
This was a really cute idea.

I loved your main character, she had a great voice and was really realistic.

There were a lot of typos here and there though, and I would suggest not using chatspeak when writing.

Overall, it was a good story. :]

-Jessie my l o v e
12/31/2008 c1 15heart shaped box x3
I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to list things I notice in the story.

I see that that you're apostrophes didn't show, but that's probably just fiction press. I think it should be, "Ok so picture this;

First Year University, my best friend Sylvia and I are waiting to go into the lab for Chemistry 101." Though, I'm not quite sure and there is a big chance I may be wrong.

"But there was no excuse for his glasses. Stereotypical nerd glasses…black, think lensed with the ubiquitous tape in the middle."

Those two sentence sound a bit off. Maybe if you use a colon or perhaps a dash to join them? And instead of three dots, you could use a comma.

"It was just mean you know?"

That should be, It was just mean, you know?

There is a typo in the line, "Hmnn it wasn those fries I had for lunch I hope."

I believe you meant, wasn't?

There are a few other grammatical errors, but that's not really a big deal.

It was a nice short read, though I think you should have expanded it a bit. Maybe you could write a bit more in depth about how she saw him everywhere? It was a quaint idea and overall, it was good.

Nice work.

12/29/2008 c1 3Su.Flora.Bunny
*laughs* I like this! Other than a few grammatical mistakes it is ..awesome? It leaves an element of secret...

I love how the sentences are put up-and of course, the light amusing humor! Keep writing more, and now I am slightly worried about my chemistry class XD
12/4/2008 c1 31Deep Violet Sky
:-D That's a funny story. I love the way you tell it.
11/20/2008 c1 Captain Lucky
OK, first of all I resent the way you described nerds - or maybe represent is the correct term? Anyway, thought, I thought this was a lot of fun to read. I loved your style.


11/13/2008 c1 3Cambion
Finding chemistry in chemistry.

"If he spoke to me I'd lose all understanding of English and I'd dropped things. Like acid and stuff."

I had to read this twice, first thinking that you'd "drop acid" in a totally different way. Which could probably make chemistry a whole lot more fun. And dangerous.

But falling in love with a nerd really isn't all that bad. Because in 10 more years... he'll be a millionaire.
10/31/2008 c1 21Just Theo
Okay really rendom for one thing, for the other extremely good. Well done!
10/17/2008 c1 M.K.Willows
Ha ha, I think that's happened to me before too, but it was a kid in my class not a teacher. He had the glasses and the sweating thing down pat.

And just so you know, most of your apostrophes have mysteriously vanished.
10/17/2008 c1 30sugarlessgirl
OMG! I had this sinking feeling that I've been there before. Yep, but mine wasn't a typical nerd, he was this Chemistry prof who looked way too young to be a prof. And it ended after that semester, but I think he too, saw me staring at him, I mean who couldn't resist?

Nice story, made me chuckle and said "Amen" to a few lines. And oh, I also happen to not like mice too.
10/16/2008 c1 9MagicWords
Ok this was different. there were quite a few mistakes, but it was readable. interesting though..

Thanks for reading me! i appreciate it!

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