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for I Dare You

2/13/2010 c1 malka
hilarious! love it !
10/4/2009 c1 i-wish-i-had-wings
so damn crazy! i loved it, and that girl sure has guts xD
7/23/2009 c1 9Sakina the Fallen Angel
This was so funny! I loved how you tell us all the thoughts that go through Anna's mind, and then have her say:

My answer to Jae: “He draws pretty unicorns.”

Your characters here were really memorable too, especially the ninja Jae!

~ Sakina xx

[btw, you have been repaid, from the Roadhouse with love!]
7/22/2009 c1 Danielle Gin
Well this was just cute! Very light hearted and all good fun. Certain lines in it were really quirky and made me laugh, which if you can make the reader laugh is always a good thing. Nice work! This was REALLY adorable!
4/17/2009 c1 Charlie
Shuun shuun! Ha I want zach I mean purple haired boy who draws unicorns? Swoon! I'm not even joking, I dreamt about a guy with purple hair the other day, I have a sign on my door that says happy unicorn day and everything :) I LOVED this story
11/2/2008 c1 Zara
I loved it.

=] I like how it was a simple dare and also how the guy wasn't preppy. It made the story seem more fun. =]
10/26/2008 c1 22Kohlomere
It doesn't get better than this!

Great work,

10/23/2008 c1 Betsy B. Toil
haha I really thought you were basing this on reality when I read this. Turns out, you weren't, but still...haha
10/18/2008 c1 xLittleBlackConverse
Haha ohmygod that was so funny. And insanely cute. I liked how you didnt make it like some overly complex dare, and I liked how Zach wasnt a typical preppy boy. Purple hair and silver eyes? Brownie points for originality =)
10/18/2008 c1 blueprintsociety
That was on of the all time most amazing things I have ever read.

I laughed from start to finish - absolutely no lies.

10/17/2008 c1 6Chalk
oh, i love it! :P if only real life were this much fun :D
10/17/2008 c1 6aravelle
“What do you see in him, anyways?” Jae asked with one eyebrow raised. She’s the most brutal and violent person I know. She probably beat my information out of Sue with her secret stash of nunchucks. I’m not kidding, either. Jae says she’s a ninja, and I believe her.

*Cough* I know that was based on me x]

Anywayys hilarious story, especially because I was picturing you in Anna's shoes (you know it's based on you x])
10/17/2008 c1 Vanillalovely
OH SNAP! I love this story already!

omg, update soon.
10/17/2008 c1 3viennax
cute! it really made me laugh and smile :)

i like how you used elements of reality and twisted them beyond repair. yay. maybe.

you should come to school instead of writing stories though.

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