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for For you, Daddy

10/31/2008 c1 17Unique1952
Wow. I was a little depressed when I started reading because everything seemed so happy and my relationship with "my mother's sperm donar" (I don't use the D** or F* words)is not that great. As I continued reading, I started to feel angry because I can relate and often feel like this.

Anyways, very nice work with this piece. It was written very well and you did an excellent job in conveying your feelings.

Nice work.
10/17/2008 c1 XxVengeanceCarriexX
i feel you on that one,

my dad is a total jerk and now i got a stepdad whose even worse.

i know it may sound cruel but usually every fathers day i forget even exist- so i'll never have to give neither one of those losers a gift...

...but off of that, thanks for sharing! ^^

i liked it

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