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for A School Day's Worth of Haikus

1/25/2009 c7 6M. V. Richtoven
My english teacher last year was EXACTLY like this... the creepy creepy doomsday clunk of those squared off heels on the floor and the realization that you'd forgotten your essay... yeap, good times. You should do a collection of haikus for the entire school week.
1/23/2009 c7 11AlwaysAndAlways
I love the difference that can be seen between classes! :D They all made me smile :)
12/12/2008 c1 46aberlemno
I like this idea. My favourites are Physics (the imagery is great even if you don't know what it means!) and Orchestra (Blues Clues, though? Do you mean the kids' TV programme? Oh my.)
10/30/2008 c7 The Sweet Angel of Darkness
Hi! (You know who I am, so...) Cool idea. I like all the random things about the day. Do you think you could post an english-translation of the French poem? I'm not that good yet... But anyway, good poems!
10/21/2008 c7 7EddisThief
You poems made me laugh. I think I'll try your version of avoiding boredom at school, and go with the Haiku. Thanks for the inspiration!

10/20/2008 c6 22instantramen
On the contrary, I believe there is something VERY poetic about this.

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