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for What is The Devil?

11/13/2008 c1 Hope for Eternity
great poem & so true...

very well writtenyou have talent!

definitely going in my favourites!

thanks for posting

& god bless
10/26/2008 c1 36SEMMU
Cool description of Satan! He sounds terrible. Although I disagree with you entirely, I must admit that you were very successful in sparking emotion, which was the point, right?

Here's the emotions you've drummed up within me:

1. If Satan is all that you've mentioned, how did he or she become this way? Did God create him/her?

2. Why would an all powerful God, who is pure love and perfect in all ways create such a horrible creature to tempt us?

3. Also, why would God create a domain to torture his creation for all eternity (Hell)and place this horrible creature in charge? Isn't that kinda cruel? Actually, it reminds me of a boy slowly and purposefully pulling the legs off of a insect, one at a time.

4. Wouldn't it be more logical to assume (because that's all faith is: assumptions) that Satan is a man-made construct designed to help explain the unexplainable and to help religious leaders maintain control over their follows by appealing to their fears of the hereafter?

Write on! Good job!

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