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1/19/2011 c1 5Aiarada Alyan
zombie chickens -

Thanks for posting it; it's very entertaining. It really helps when people like you share their opinions on things like this... no one ever listens when I tell them how cliche etc. Eragon is...
10/5/2010 c6 5The Wind Poet
keep going!
6/26/2010 c3 718678
I hate Eragon and LOVE THIS.

This actually made me laugh out loud, which is pretty good for fictionpress. XD
11/10/2008 c4 6Telephonic
“Hedgen..” He said “You just stuffed the most honored and noblest of creatures into a sack.”

BWAHAHAHAHA, I just think you should know that Hedgen is awesome. (and baby glizzards sound absolutely adorable. Where can I adopt one?)
11/3/2008 c3 1LittleRedRodeo
Poor Frances, forced to follow in his father's footsteps. I was already giggling at the opening scene with Mr. Fermented, when "live on your own in the world and develop character" caught me off guard.
11/3/2008 c2 LittleRedRodeo
Ahaha, oh man, the poor enslaved Glizzards. That's not only a poke at Eragon; that's lampooning most published books with dragon riders in fantasy today.
11/3/2008 c1 LittleRedRodeo
A story about a mushroom boy collecting fungus in exchange for pretty rocks? I'd want to read this even if it wasn't an Eragon satire. :D
10/27/2008 c1 6Telephonic
Never before has a story like this been told in such a way! I give this 100 pretty stones and 200 bumbershrooms!
10/27/2008 c1 2samurai-wannabe
I give this story...eh... ten pretty rocks. Maybe eleven. XD, Good stuff.

'What happens when a werewolf and a vampire get caught in a high speed collision? WHABAM Whumpit.'

XD XD XD! Lolz lolz lolz!
10/25/2008 c1 48daughteroftherain
ha ha, wow.

a magic mushroom? this should be interesting
10/25/2008 c1 Lana Sky
Fun-eh :D

I'll deff keep my eye on this.


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