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for Daylight

7/6/2003 c1 30Silverfire Starr
Very interesting. Something to chew.
9/3/2001 c1 25Josephine
Fantabulous! I have nothing else to do- so I am gonna review a whole bunch of your stuff!
8/26/2001 c1 7FyireChildesDream
nice...it seems some sort of regret on how something was lost...and the sudden loss of self that sometimes goes with it. just suppose that you parallel daylight to modern science and you are "hiding" faith in the shadows...this poem might personify those four things as science killing your faith, magic, or innocence. which is really sad because if they existed in the first place that won't last
4/19/2001 c1 JO
For the life of me I dont know what it means, but I love it just the same :)

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