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10/27/2008 c1 1Kevin Miles
I like the concept, though I feel as if i must say your preface to the poem is... unnecessary. You should not have to say, "Not for homophobe." Ok, should not can mean more than one thing, but even so, I feel as if people should read something of this concept, whether or not they care to read it in the first place. Also, the preface sets up a mask, a poor one. One that everyone knows is there, and one that you can still hide behind. I am not bashing the piece, merely stating my opinion. I suppose I am just frustrated by the apparent necessity of the statement. I myself am not homosexual, but I have several close friends who are and I do not understand why their mothers cannot really cry for them...

Keep writing. Change the world. Say what you have to say.

"Your mind is both a tool and a weapon; use it as such, but not in a manner that requires you to beat it against things."

Leafeus Agamemnon

Scott Broderus

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