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9/3/2012 c1 21Gossamers-ink
I think it's great that you attempted to write a tutorial on how to write poetry, but you make it seem like a poem must have rhyme and ought to be in meter or it won't be as potent. e e cummings is a published and widely-read poet who used neither. In fact, he broke lines up in the middle of words and included obscure punctuation. Those poems, which I admit I'm not a fan of, are still considered great works. A rhyme scheme is necessary in some forms, just as iambic pentameter is necessary in some forms, but writing in homogenous meter will not add flavor to the poem. A poem will have meaning because of the cadence and tone associated with it. Homogeneity is just one form of cadence. None of the great epic poems were written in iambic pentameter. The majority of Latin poems were dactylic hexameter, which wasn't a homogenous meter scheme at all.

You also failed to mention the plethora of other poetic literary devices such as the common alliteration and onomatopoeia or the complex juxtaposition and caesurae. Poetry is written sound. The word choice depends as much on the meaning and connotation of a word as the sound it makes.

It seems like you were given the sources to use for this english assignment, but if you were allowed to use more, a more in depth analysis of what makes up the difference between good poetry and great would have been fantastic.
1/30/2012 c1 8Dark Blue Lover
… ahem, the tidbit about the writing place wasn't needed. Just saying.

It's a tad bit confusing that at first you're writing about how any rhyme scheme (even none at all) can be effective but then just go over to rhyme schemes and that if you use freestyle / broken verse you need to repeat the rhyme scheme somehow. ...? I'm tired atm, so I bet I'll understand it once I come back to reading this but it was kind of confusing at first.

Also, from what I know, metre isn't about syllable count but more about which syllables are stressed – which can pretty much break with syllable count. (Iambic metre e.g. is like this: y-ý-y ý-y-ý – 'ý' represents a stressed syllable, 'y' a non-stressed one)

Length: Haiku are poems that are the size of a baby's hand, and they still work. About too long poems though… 220,000 lines *sighs* I give up. I guess FP wouldn't even let us upload such a monster, at least not in one piece.

Nice example though.

"It's all about description" - does that mean I can heave the rest of the tips out of the window? XD Nah, sorry, not meaning to be mean. I know what you want to say but I admit it sounded odd after all those tips. Anyway, good job, so thank you for sharing! This is probably helpful to quite a few people on FP.

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